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Only Google Can Return The Most Of Advertising Value For Internet Expense On Publicity

Google is in the business of systemizing knowledge in to searchable index through the Internet Age since it knows so much about all of us that no other advertising agency on planet Earth is capable of returning so much value for the money invested in publicity. Moreover by mastering the development of android it is even mastering the growth of Internet.

Most appropriately it is called Google AdSense that has become a boon of economic freedom for web-publishers worldwide. Likewise all sensible advertisers subscribe Google AdWords to invest in the online advertising because as the ultimate option available on Internet only Google returns the most of advertising value for money invested in to it.

Official Google Publisher Plugin With Better Adsense Display & One Click Website Verification For WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) is an officially released plugin developed by Google. The plugin enables you to use Google’s products including AdSense and Webmaster Tools with your WordPress based website.


General process of adding Adsense requires generating snippets in from and then pasting them into your website’s template files, digging inside PHP files if you are using WordPress or by using a plugin like Adinjection or Adinserter. But Google Publisher Plugin (beta) works very much differently from all other Adsense plugins out there and give you a new easy style of placing Adsense with a simple point-and-click user interface (UI).

The plugin also provides you an inbuilt one click website verification with Google Webmaster Tools.

How to start up with Google Publisher Plugin (beta)?

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) 1

Install and activate Google Publisher Plugin (beta) plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Google Publisher Plugin page, click ‘Get started‘ button, login and click ”Verify’ button:

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Then you can select to preview the home page or your single post pages. The plugin will automatically add markers on page letting you know where the AdSense can get fit better. You can then select the place and click to add advertisements, you can create different placements for each page template and start displaying AdSense there.