How To Hold All MediaWiki Edits For Moderation?

By default all edits are published and get visible on your MediaWiki website. In this lesson you will learn about holding each and every edit for moderation so that users with specific rights would be able to approve or reject new edits.

How MedaiWiki Moderation Works?

  1. Every new edit or image upload is being sent to moderation.
  2. The page is kept unchanged unless the moderator approves the edit.
  3. Pending edits neither go to page history nor shown in RecentChanges.
  4. But user can still see his edit and may continue editing his own version of the page.

How To Enable Moderation In MediaWiki?

Start by downloading Moderation sources from GITHub. Once downloaded, visit FTP of your MediaWiki website and follow the steps:

  • Upload the ZIP and extract it in your extensions folder located in your site’s root directory.
  • After files are extracted, make sure all are located in ‘Moderation’ folder of your extensions directory.
  • Now add the following code in LocalSettings.php file (located in site’s root directory):
require_once "$IP/extensions/Moderation/Moderation.php";

That’s it for configuration.

How To Moderate New MediaWiki Edits?

  1. Login to your MediaWiki account and type ‘Special:Moderation’ in search box, press ENTER.
  2. This new special page is much like the RecentChanges page, but it has “Approve”, “Reject”, “Approve all” and “Reject all” options.
  3. Using these options you can easily moderate each and every edit including media file uploads.

All rejected edits go into the rejected archive section whereas approved edits are applied and goes visible on your MediaWiki pages.

The extension logs “who approved what” and only the moderators can see such logs. If an edit conflict is detected which cannot be resolved automatically, the moderator may use the Merge button to apply that edit manually.

2 thoughts on “How To Hold All MediaWiki Edits For Moderation?”

  1. Hi ..
    I have configured media-wiki and moderation successfully, but issue is that My normal user is not able to see rejected pages.

    “4-But user can still see his edit and may continue editing his own version of the page.”

    Please help..

    1. Please provide the link to your website.
      What kind of rejected pages? and what do you mean by normal user? – the unregistered user editing pages via IP or the visitor?

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