3 Important Conversion Tips For Ecommerce Websites & Apps

When a visitor reaches the product page on your ecommerce website, you get a chance of closing the deal by converting your visitor into customer. Hence you should not give your visitor any subsidiary reason to ignore your product.

Include Proper Product Images & Video – The product image is the first impression of the product your prospect gets. It is seen that the conversion rate on products displaying good images is 7 times more than the products with single or bad quality images. So the images you use must be of better image quality, higher resolution, bigger enough to zoom by your prospect.

Include Product Description & Specifications – Include all relevant information, give a brief introduction of your product but never forget to mention the unique selling points and the core feature used for marketing a product. For instance – When someone buys a telescope, he first looks for its focal length and when a smartphone is purchased then the camera’s megapixel, RAM and the Android version is considered.

Include Product Variations Instead of Uploading Same Product Multiple Times – If your product offers some variations then these options should be included in the product itself because 85% people simply leaves the page or jumps to a new product if they don’t find the appropriate product option for them.

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