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Facebook Got More Than 83 Million ‘Fake’ Users

Facebook has revealed that it believes more than 83 million Fake IDs are registered on there social network.

Company filings says that 8.7% of its 955 million active Facebook users might not be real.

Duplicate profiles => 4.8% of the users

User-misclassified accounts => 2.4%

Undesirable User IDs => 1.5%

Estimated Fake User Profiles => 83.09 million

Estimated fake user profiles are classified into three groups:

First group is of duplicate user profiles which Facebook Inc. defines: account that a user maintains in addition to his or her principal account.

Second is User-misclassified where FB users create profiles for business, organisations, Gods and also of non-human entities like pets.

Third is Undesirable profiles against Facebook’s terms of service like profiles created for sending spams, messages, ads or other content.

A BBC investigation suggests,

“Companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain “likes” from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products. A security expert has said some of the profiles appeared to be “fakes” run by computer programs to spread spam.”

Facebook’s business model relies on targeted advertising that promotes gathering of likes from users.

Now slowly companies are realizing that gathering millions of fake likes is of no use when members are itself not interested in their products and large number of likes come from fake Ids which are used only for one or two time and are created for a single purpose only. This can seriously harm Facebook’s business    but Facebook Inc. is not taking it as a serious issue. May be they are planning to gain registered IDs more than the total world population.