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The Humanity Is Historically Denied A Right To Know The Source Causing Their Deaths En Masse

It is like teaching you that Hitler was not German but a Nationalsozialismus so that you may never ever come to think that German people had any active role in bringing him in power for waging war on the world. WHO coined the clever Chinese insistance by naming the Wuhan virus of the Chinese pandemic as COVID19 so that you cannot ever blame it on China nor can make any such claim beyond 2019.

Clearly as a matter of conspiracy, the humanity is historically denied a right to know the source causing their deaths en masse. The Communist Party of China that most massively deals with exporting its surplus value has unprecedented powers to pursuade the world in subscribing to its free lies as well. It is just like making you believe that the holocaust was a hoax.

Disallow Debt-Ridden Corporate Luxuries

Bigger the business gets better but debt-ridden corporate luxuries make it criminal. Criminal proceedings against concerned bankers are a must to halt such cases.

These are the cases where conspiracies must be taken in account. For example the real culprit cannot be the fugitive such as Vijay Mallya but were the bankers who gave him money because they were trained and paid for to not let that happen but they did and are comfortably doing here without answering to people at all.

Public savings must not get wasted for financing debt-ridden corporate luxuries any more. Henceforth expanding equity and business be made only permissible corporate way of getting growth.