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Politicians Are Usually Brought Down When They Are At Their Height

atal-aishWhen politicians feel that their high has arrived and they become very used to the power given by people, they meet their fall within no time then. They have to step down mostly from the height of their career. Because most of their constituency is deformed in dissatisfaction till now and they are usually surrounded by only vested interests. Moreover they start feeling that they are really that much popular and compulsory for people while the truth becomes just opposite to such notion. That is why politicians are usually brought down when they are at their height.

Above all their final campaigns, which result in their decisive downfall become very much consolidated due to their people seeing their high. Whereas in fact their true constituencies become very much dissident till then and due to that consolidated campaign, public ire backfires directly to them. While if they opt for concerted campaigns and instead of getting dependent on a few favorite persons tactfully utilize all adversaries also, their chances of survival improve.