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Starting Your Own Self-Hosted Podcast Generator Website At

Podcasts are digital media that primarily consists of episodic audio content but sometimes people also use the name with certain types of video content too.

Podcasts may appear similar to internet radio programs, but the difference is that they originally exist as audio files that can be played at a listener’s demand, anytime and anywhere using an internet-connected device.

These are made available for streaming or downloading online from a website. Listeners may subscribe to podcasts to receive new episodes automatically as they are released, just like a blog subscription.

Podcasts can be listened to on a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and some other portable media players. There are various services that allow you to stream podcasts online.

But in this lesson, you will learn about empowering your own domain by starting a self-hosted podcast website where you can keep all activities under your own control. This lesson guides you on how you can easily start up a podcast website on hosting options such as cPanel WebhostingPlesk Windows HostingWebhosting PlusVPS, Dedicated Server, and now on Managed WordPress too but we will discuss WordPress-based Podcast Websites in the next lesson.

We will be using a free and open-source podcast publishing application called Podcast Generator PG, you will learn about installing it on your web hosting account using the free website automation system called Installatron. Installatron ensures Podcast Generator is kept up-to-date and secure, and it also confirms that the application is quickly and easily installed on your server and you get handy features like Clone, Backup, Restore, and Backup Scheduling to save your time.

How To Install Podcast Generator PG On Your WebHosting?

Start by registering or transferring your domain name to and then subscribe to a hosting option such as cPanel WebhostingPlesk Windows HostingWebhosting PlusVPS, or Dedicated Server.

Now visit the ‘My Products’ page from the top right corner menu of your account and click ‘Setup’ next to the hosting option you like to use. This starts a step-by-step process of connecting your domain name and configuring your hosting option so that you can use it.

Once, the hosting is set up, simply click ‘Manage’ and access the control panel of your web hosting. This is typically cPanel, Plesk, or a similar interface to which you have subscribed.

Look up ‘Installatron’, click to open it, and it will take you to the Application Browser page. Now simply follow these steps:

Step #1 Choose Podcast Generator PG Application: On the Installatron interface, you will see a list of applications. Use the search bar or browse to find “Podcast Generator PG” and click on it.

Installatron Applications Browser

Step #2 Install Podcast Generator PG: Once you’re on the Podcast Generator PG application page, click the “Install this application” button to initiate the installation process. You’ll be presented with various setup options such as:

  • Location: Choose the domain/subdomain where you want to install Podcast Generator PG.
  • Directory: Specify the directory where Podcast Generator PG will be installed. Leave this blank if you want it to be installed directly on your chosen domain.
  • Admin Account: Set the username and password for the Podcast Generator PG administrator account.

Step #3 If Necessary Select Advanced Options (Optional): Click on the “Advanced Options” section to expand it. Here, you can customize settings like database name, database user, backup options, and more. You may also leave these as their default values as these settings are optional.

Step #4 Start The Installation: Review your settings to ensure they’re correct, and then click the “Install This Application” button. This will now begin the installation process and you will see a progress bar and messages indicating the installation steps.

Once the installation is complete, Installatron will provide a link to access your Podcast Generator PG installation and details about your admin account.

Common Features Of Podcast Generator PG Website
  1. Podcast Creation: It allows you to create podcasts by uploading audio files, adding episode details such as titles, descriptions, and release dates, and organizing them into series.
  2. RSS Feed Generation: It offers you the ability to generate RSS feeds automatically. These feeds are essential for distributing your podcast to various podcast directories and platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  3. Web-Based Interface: It comes with a web-based interface that makes it easier for even an 8-year-old child to manage and organize podcast episodes and series without any technical expertise.
  4. Appearance & Customization: It lets you customize the appearance of your podcast website with themes and templates, enabling you to match the design to your brand or preferences.
  5. Multiple Users & Membership Option: Depending on the version, Podcast Generator supports multiple user accounts, allowing a team to collaborate on podcast creation and management.
  6. Episode Management: You can manage and organize episodes, including the schedule of future releases and backdating previous ones.
  7. Media Hosting: It includes features to host and serve your audio files, ensuring they’re accessible to your audience when they listen to your episodes.
  8. Categories & Tags: It enables you to categorize and tag your episodes, making it easier for listeners to discover the content they’re interested in.
  9. Statistics: It offers basic statistics, such as the number of downloads for each episode.
  10. Automatic Updates: It allows you to automatically update your RSS feed when new episodes are added, making it more convenient for listeners to stay up to date.

Podcast Generator (PG) is a free PHP-based open-source content management system specifically programmed for self-hosting podcasts. It equips the user with the tools to easily manage all of the aspects of the publication and distribution of a podcast, from uploading episodes to submitting them to the Podcast Index and major directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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