The Largest Ever Market Is Made And Controlled By Google So What ?

The largest ever market is made and controlled by Google so what ? Who actually bothers whether US State Department is working for Google or Google acts like its electronic frontier ? Concurrently android devices are used by more than one billion users worldwide and that makes the largest ever market at Google Play.

Our first and foremost priority must be of doing our business here instead of opposing it as suggested by the new book of Julian Assange ‘When Google Met WikiLeaks’ who do not oppose a lot of more stupid and stubborn politics on the other side of the coin because they are doing their business there.

Neither we support ‘When Google Met WikiLeaks’ by Julian Assange nor we support ‘The New Digital Age’ by Eric Schmidt. Both are intelligent books by intelligent authors that must get read by intelligent guys who do not support or oppose but read and grasp the best of books.  Even then Google offers good business to independent people worldwide but WikiLeaks only wants to get fed more money like a black hole.

Today if Google is going to have more say in distributing android to many manufacturers worldwide, no one should oppose it as it is in the interest of users who buy phone because of the Google connectivity so that they may come to know whatever Julian Assange has to say about all possible evils.

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