How To Resolve “Site Not Found” & “Time Out” Errors With Premium DNS?

You can easily make use of premium DNS to keep your website safe and always available to your visitors. Likewise every domain name is given a series of numbers called IP address — for example, the IP address for is 70.289.342.211. It is the IP number only that your browser uses to locate your or any particular website.

Now whenever you type a domain name into your web browser, the DNS i.e Domain Name Server looks through a database to find the IP address you have requested in the form of domain name and then directs your browser to the correct website content.

You might have noticed sometimes some websites take a lot of time to process your request. It is during this DNS address “look up” where you can experience problems in performance, accessibility and security.

Everything from your domain not being found to hackers redirecting your visitors to a fake website in order to steal their personal information. Such issues are quite common on world wide web.

For instance: Slow DNS response can cause “website not found” errors. Have you ever typed in a website address and it takes a long time to connect? Or maybe you get a “site not found” error? This can happen when the DNS server is slow in responding and can’t determine what site content to give you. If it takes too long, it can just “time out” and give an error message.

Another DNS issue is when hackers redirect your visitors to a fake website. An even scarier issue is when a hacker interferes in the look up process – a vulnerability that exists with all DNS systems worldwide.

Hackers can actually give the browser a different IP address that redirects your visitors to a fake website that looks like yours. Once your visitors are there, the hacker will be able to access any information your customer provides, from usernames and passwords to credit card numbers.

How Does Premium DNS Helps You In Resolving Such Issues?

  • Premium DNS makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS to improve performance, accessibility and security by placing your DNS information on Premium global network.
  • It distributes your DNS information on multiple servers around the world so visitors searching your website get connected to the closest server location, for a faster response.
  • The built-in DNS security feature (DNSSEC) stops hackers by securing the “look up” process and verifying the visitor is actually arriving at your website.

It includes a wide range of management free features such as:

  1. No overage fees
  2. 99.999%† uptime
  3. Unlimited records
  4. Built in error checking
  5. Advance logging and reporting
  6. Manage unlimited domains (zones)
  7. Reliable, fast Anycast global network
  8. Secure up to 5 domains with DNSSEC
  9. Templates to create, save and reuse zone settings
  10. Mission critical secondary DNS with syncing (for unlimited domain names)

The new Premium DNS infrastructure makes you confident to stay online, your visitors can find you fast, no matter where they’re located throughout the world – with the Anycast DNS Network. Reducing “website not found” errors which make it look like your website doesn’t exist and many times your clients stop trusting you for your online presence, you should know that the inability to access a website is related to DNS issues 30% of the time?

Power outages and Internet routing problems can take down your primary DNS, making your website unavailable and leaving your visitors high! Premium DNS provides a secondary DNS to deliver your domain name and keep your website accessible.

All DNS systems worldwide suffer from the same vulnerability which can be easily resolved by using Premium DNS. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to use Premium DNS. The online interface of Premium DNS makes it easy for you to manage and make updates to your DNS.

Advanced users can drill down with more technical features when you also get 24/7 access to expert support from certified DNS professionals.

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