How To Find Local Time Of Any City Using Google Map ?

Its easy to find local time of any city using Google Map. Qlock is a free online service that gives you the easiest way for doing so. You can find local time, add its badge to your site  or any webpage, you can send it on email etc. Hovering over the map you will find the the city name and time, also you can switch to close up view or just type the name of the city in the ‘Find a city’ box.

Visit Qlock.Com. There are three different tabs Overview, Closeup and  Satellite where,

  1. Overview is the main page.
  2. Close Up gives you option to set zoom
  3. Satellite gives satellite view and zoom option
  4. Hover over the map or just type the city’s name
  5. At the bottom of the map you have three options for adding City time badge to website intranet email

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