Pagespeed Modules That Automatically Optimizes Your Website

Linux-based Web Hosting accounts at can use mod_pagespeed, which is a free software module for optimizing web pages and their resources for better performance. For more information, see Google’s documentation.

These can be enabled on your cPanel hosting via .htaccess file. For instance, see the following example of the code which you can include in your .htaccess file to enable the Extend Cache function:

<IfModule pagespeed_module>
   ModPagespeed on
   ModPagespeedEnableFilters extend_cache

Following functions can be enabled using the ModPagespeedEnableFilters directive:

Function pagespeed.conf Code
Extend Cache extend_cache
Collapse Whitespace collapse_whitespace
Combine CSS combine_css
Move CSS to HEAD move_css_to_head
Elide Attributes elide_attributes
Remove Comments remove_comments


The above-given table also links mod_pagespeed function at Google for more information. There are more features of mod_pagespeed, you can also enable the following directives on your website’s .htaccess file located in your site’s root directory:

  • ModPagespeedDisallow
  • ModPagespeedAllow
  • ModPagespeedMapOriginDomain
  • ModPagespeedMapRewriteDomain

For more information about using these directives, see Using mod_pagespeed.

System at is still testing any mod_pagespeed functions not yet listed for compatibility, performance, and reliability as mod_pagespeed is still in a beta offering, so the features might change.

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