Google Reader Is Going Away On 1st Of July 2013; Its Time To Find An Alternative

Google announced on its official Google Reader Blog that the company is planning to kill Google Reader App on July 1st, 2013. They had given two reasons for shutting down Google Reader, the reason is that the usage of Google Reader has declined and as a company they’re pouring all of their energy into fewer products to maintain a better user experience.

So now you have a three-month sunset time period and that is sufficient amount of time to find a new feed-reading solution. You can retain all your Reader data, including subscriptions, through Google Takeout.

Top 7 Google Reader Alternatives

  2. Tiny Tiny RSS
  4. TheOldReader.Com
  5. FeedReader.Com
  6. Feeddemon.Com
  7. Netvibes.Com

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