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Easily Create, View, Edit & Share Drawings Right From Your Web Browser

AutoCAD 360 is a powerful Google Chrome app you may use for viewing, editing and sharing DWG drawings directly from your web browser via AutoCAD WS web and mobile application. The application is a free software, userfriendly and lets you easily sketch and draft. Also enables you to quickly create, view, edit and share drawings without any advanced CAD expertise.

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Adblock Plus Is Available For Facebook Users

Adblock Plus allows you to remove all Facebook ads, annoyances etc for enhancing your experience and making web browsing fast. Facebook Customizer, a Google Chrome app offering Adblock Plus allows you customize your Facebook experience by stripping down all unwanted and disturbing ads and other annoyances. Using this app, within just two clicks you can hide all 21 unwanted elements from Facebook sidebar and also from your newsfeed section. It takes you back to the old Facebook you once loved, showing you only status and other updates, shares from your friends.

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Enrich Email Experience By Embedding Shared Content Right Below Emails You Send Or Receive

You easily or you can say automatically enrich your email experience by auto-embedding shared content right below your emails. Iframely for Gmail allows you to watch embedded videos, view images and read articles directly in your Gmail. Works same as oEmbed works in WordPress.

How it works ? After you open your gmail account, this app automatically searches web links present inside incoming mails and then everything gets visual. It ignores all emails you get from marketing bots etc and shows only content from real humans not by bots.

Another useful function this chrome app provides you is when you compose any email, it automatically detect photos in URLs which you are sending to your friends etc and it puts an image inside your emails for convenience of your peers.

It works same on embedding videos, sound and more but don’t worry it does not autoplay any videos and disrupt your productivity. You may click to open if required. The application is powered by Iframely Open Source API and is secured by

What Makes Chromium Different From Google Chrome ?

Google Chrome is built upon Chromium open source project, Google chrome is packaged and distributed by Google officially. In-short Google Chrome is a commercial and closed source product by Google which is based on open source Chromium project. Chromium, being open source is mostly used by Linux operating system users. For example: Chromium is available in Ubuntu repositories and one can download it from Ubuntu Software Centre, it maintained by Ubuntu developers and goes through their stable release and update process, same thing happens with other Linux distros and this makes Chromium more compatible for Linux based operating systems.

Another key difference between Google Chrome and Chromium is chrome is red where as Chromium is blue in color ;-) You should know that both web browsers share majority of code and features, only a few minor differences makes them a little bit different from each other.

Chrome & Chromium

For creating Chrome from Chromium, Google uses its source code and adds following features:

  1. In-built print preview and print system
  2. Google name and a different logo trademarked
  3. In-built PDF viewe with proprietary license and code
  4. Auto-update and tracking system called GoogleUpdate
  5. Integrates Flash Player with proprietary license and code
  6. Opt-in option for users to send Google their usage statistics and crash reports

By default Chromium only supports Vorbis, Theora and WebM codecs for the HTML5 audio and video tags whereas Google Chrome supports these as well as AAC (patent-encumbered) and MP3 (formerly patent-encumbered). Although there are more differences but these are the technical ones which affect user user experience.

Some Common Web Browser Errors And Their Meanings

Phishing (Web Forgery) & Malware Warnings: No matter what web browser you are using, it regularly downloads a list of dangerous websites and when you try connecting to a website on this list, the error is displayed.

Phishing Error

Certificate Error: SSL certificate error or security certificate error indicates problem with HTTPS encryption. It comes only when you try accessing website using HTTPS.

SSL Error

404 Not Found: The error is displayed when you try accessing a web page which is not present anywhere. The error shows up on wrong URLs or when you type incorrect website address.


Unable to Connect: The error comes when your browser successfully contact its DNS servers and identifies that there should be a website but it did not get any response from the servers when it tries to connect. Usually happens when your internet connection is down.

unable to connect

Server Not Found: The message is dsplayed when your web browser could not find the website you’re trying to access. Sometimes when you mistype a web address or when you try to connect to any website which doesn’t exist, or when your DNS server is down, or may be your firewall, proxy, or due to some other misconfigured settings.

server not found

Top 5 Black & White Themes For Chrome & Chromebook

Here are some of the best Google chrome themes with mostly black and white color used in them but they all are beautiful and used by a vast number of Google chrome users world wide. Each theme provides you a different taste and style like Slinky Elegant is designed to be smart and simple, Charlotte Ronson looks classic, Vince is a unique concept in fashion, offers you a complete line of luxe staples with clean lines, rich fabrics, and intricate,Tiësto is one of the most well-known and biggest artists in electronic music.

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Powerful Multiple Gmail Account Checker For Chromebook

Earlier we discussed about Gmail Offline chrome app that allows you to automatically synchronize all you Gmail messages and then you can read, write, search and do more with your Gmail messages, all offline. We also discussed about popular Official Gmail App for chrome. Now this tutorial is on another cool chrome app called Multiple Account Checker for Gmail. As clear from its name, the app allows you to read all your Gmail and Google Apps emails from one tab so that you can reduce your tabs and save memory.

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Popular Racing Games For Google Chrome & Chromebook

Here are a few popular games you can play in Chrome. The post includes various popular car racing games, popular motocross, skating and truck wars etc.

Downhill Jam

You can ride your skateboard down the busy streets of the city avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus on your way.

Motocross Nitro

American Racing 2 3D

Traffic Talent

Need for Speed World

SKiD Racer


Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps That Works Offline, Outside From Your Web Browser

Here are some of the best chrome apps from various categories like office, weather, cloud, sharing, bookmarklets, games etc. All these chrome apps can work offline and/or right from your desktop area, outside from your Google Chorme web browser.

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Listen To Google Play Music Instantly From Anywhere Using Any Device

Google Play Music is Chrome app by This application allows you to play your music instantly anytime from anywhere. You can keep up to 20,000 songs on Google Play and you can listen to them easily using web or any android phone or tablet even when you’re not connected and all for free.

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Turn Off Screen Lights While Watching Videos On Chromebook

Turn Off the Lights is an amazing chrome app, works both on Google Chrome & Chrome OS. This app increases automatic focus on video you are watching and gives you better experience by turning off the screen lights i.e. it darkens all screen areas excluding video thus provides you better video watching experience in just one click. Clicking again returns the page to normal.

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Some Of The Best Google Chromebook Apps That Works Offline

Here are some good chrome applications which you can use on chrome and chrome os even without an Internet connection. Using these cool apps you can do some useful tasks like transcribing any audio, access your windows desktop remotely, customize images, manage your emails offline, play your old desktop games like solitaire and more.

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