Startup Online – Choosing Your Brand Name

You’ve started your own business or just a new website, web service or blog. There’s still lots of work to be done, but the primary focus is on branding.

When selecting a brand name for your online startup. You should lookup for domain names that are available. Although, it can be difficult to find available domains names these days, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a good name for your online startup. In this case growth of new TLD extensions (such as .global, .company, .systems, .technology, .enterprises etc) has proven very useful.

System often uses Bulk Domain search that allows you to look up a name on multiple domain extensions at the same time.

You should choose a brand name that is unique and so that you can create its pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social websites. In case you don’t find your brand name URL slug available on social websites then you may use full domain name as your page slug.

If domain name you want is already taken?

In-case you have made up your mind for your brand name but the domain name .com is already taken then look up for other available extensions such as .co, .net, .biz etc.

On System at, there are broader array of domain names now available, hence you might be able to find a good domain name for your brand.

OR search for the domain name and use back order option. Back ordering a domain name helps you attempt to acquire it when it comes available for registration.

But placing a backorder does not mean guarantee that you will get the domain name as the present time owner might renew the domain.

If someone has registered domain name of your trademark?

This is the case when you should follow the guidelines outlined in ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy i.e. UDRP.

You may consult a lawyer ensuring your case is as strong as possible. Remember, even though you own your trademark, a domain owner is still likely to fight back to keep the domain.

Getting such domain names can be expensive, but if you really own your trademark or your are a celebrity then you have chance of getting the domain from the squatter.

Alternatively, you may also contact the domain owner and make him an offer. This can be done by searching owner’s contact information on his website or browsing Who.Is record.

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