Virtual Shopping Stores In Korea Combine Drawbacks Of Online Shopping With Brick And Mortar Stores

Korean Virtual Shopping Stores, where all the Shelves are just LCD Screens. You choose your items by touching the LCD and get everything packed at the counter when you finish shopping.

Although you can easily shop from home and it is a much better option already available. These virtual shopping stores use the same thing that you use while shopping from home i.e., smartphones, cards and codes and this proves that these stores are using an idiotic concept which wastes more resources including heavy waste of electricity and creates more complex jobs and you cannot say it a Virtual Shopping Store as it combines the drawbacks of online shopping with brick and mortar stores.

The only advantage of this is that it makes the store prone to shoplifting. But, looking into consumer’s side, it has big disadvatage, since you can’t touch nor smell the real product (unless you’ll go there with all the things you needed to buy already in your mind).

This system is not made to help customers. Yes, and that was a big mistakes. They must take into consideration if it really help the consumers since we are the end users here.

__Lliorka Bomberouge

If its virtual, why would you still make people walk around to find things(besides to buy more things)?

__Corban Anderson

How do you sell food through the LCD? How do I know I won’t get anything rotten?

__John Daniel

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