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Scheduling Automated Backups & Malware Scanning On Your Website

With backup service you can keep your complete website safe while you focus on your business. It automatically backs up all your website files, database, and emails with continuous monitoring. It also scans your website with a malware scanner.

Safe Cloud Storage

You can keep your backups safe on cloud storage and optionally download them to your local drive, The service also offers you an easy one-click restore that can used for restoring your website to some earlier version.

Automatic Connections, No Configuration Required

The system uses FTP or SFTP depending upon your host and the good thing is that these connections are automatically set for the users hosting their websites on web hosting.

You Get Everything To Keep Your Website Safe Online

The service offers you automatic daily backups and built-in malware scanning with continuous security monitoring. Hence you get everything that is needed to keep your website safe online.

Scheduled Backups With Single Click Restore

You can set up automatic daily, weekly, or monthly backups with a backup process starting time. The one-click restore can be done from the website backup dashboard to restore your complete website.

How Does It All Work?

Subscribe to the Website Backup Service and then simply reach the website backup dashboard to enable backups, scanning, monitoring, and restoring.

To restore your website, just locate the website you would like to restore and click the restore button. Alternatively, you can also restore any file, folder, or anything that needs to be fixed to an earlier working version of your website.

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