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You Need Not Have A Master

You should startup in the Internet industry by becoming an independent outlet into the universe of Sangkrit so you need not have a master. Otherwise whatever qualifications pave the way for a job; will make you meet your master for sure and your life shall remain subordinated forever.

That is how all such courses transport you beyond your independence. They pave the wrong way indeed if you need not have a master.

You can easily startup by selling completely cloud infrastructure to bring every business online with all possible support and global exposure. That is the future of humanity getting shaped.

Graduating At Home

You take care of own parents at home along with taking care of their business as that is the domestic entrepreneurship. When you start earning online adequate for running your household without ever leaving the threshold of your home, you actually graduate at home.

Sangkrit insists upon that kind of an education into domestic entrepreneurship. Old ways of graduating from some distant place were meant for wage slavery of industrial age. That is already outdated with the ongoing pandemic.