Now You Can Become Facebook Ambassador In India

Promote Facebook on mobile among Indians to get promoted as Ambassador of Facebook India

Facebook started a new program for promoting Facebook on smartphones among Indians. You may join if you are passionate about bringing people on world’s most closed social network. What you have to do is to help your friends, family and other people to start using Facebook on their mobiles and submit the mobile numbers of the people you have helped, Facebook Team will be verifying your submission and then it would be promoting the most enthusiastic nominees to Ambassadors.

Just keep in mind the persons you are contacting have GPRS/3G enabled on their mobiles. Then download FB App from here using mobile browser and help them register on Facebook if they are new giving a quick demo of FB App.

Start your work by Clicking Apply Now button:

  1. First find people who are not using Facebook. When it comes to India there are many. You can find them anywhere schools, auto-bus stops, local shops etc.
  2. After they register on Facebook  adding  their mobile numbers on their FB profile, submit their mobile numbers using FB Ambassador App.
  3. Facebook will verify those numbers and registered users and credit them to you.

If you join it means you agree to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions & Data Use Policy

Facebook Inc. is not aware of India and mobile numbers. People may create fake profiles because here one can easily arrange many mobile numbers. Few months back during elections one person was caught with 4 Voter ID cards, having same image but different names.

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