Secure Your Website With HTTPS (SSL Certificate)

For running your website on HTTPS (SSL Certificate), first thing you need to do is subscribe a SSL Certificate here. You may go for Standard SSL if you just want to verify your domain and secure your website. Premium SSL plan is ideal for eCommerce shopping cart websites as it provides you the most extensive validation.

HTTPS is now official Google ranking signal. We have also posted tutorials on What is SSL (HTTPS)? How It Works? and Why Choose A SSL Certificate?

Now in this tutorial we will be showing you how to easily add it on your website i.e. how to make your website work on HTTPS.

Purchased An SSL Plan? Now How To Use it?

After purchasing a SSL plan, login to your account and from your accounts page, launch SSL Certificates.

SSL Account

It directs you to SSL admin page from where you can specify the domain and click to start the SSL certificate installation process.

SSL Admin

It provides you a simple step by step process for adding HTTPS on your domain address:

SSL Hosting

How To Change Domain Name For SSL (HTTPS)?

You can anytime change the domain name and make your SSL certificate work on some other website by logging into your account then launching SSL admin page.

From SSL admin page select ‘Manage‘ button and click ‘Change Common Name‘ option.

SSL Change Common Name

It opens up a new page from where you can make your SSL work on a new domain address. It simply restarts the step by step process of installing SSL so that you can specify a new domain name.

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