Bringing All Businesses Online Is The Biggest Ongoing Business

Sangkrit is leading the greatest ever movement #OccupyWebspace, more than one lakh domains are registered every day and more than three billion people have registered their domain names to own the internet age by now.

So bringing all businesses online is the biggest ongoing business, which is easier to startup as people’s personal outlet at

Startup from your own place simply by registering your free account and then send this message with your name and contact number to all your phonebook and email contacts.

Register / Transfer / Host your DOMAIN NAMES at in complete internet infrastructure and for any necessary support call me up as your personal outlet + [put your mobile number & name here]

Continue circulating the message to more and more people using other mediums as well, and every time a domain name is registered by your client, it opens up many opportunities for you to increase your earnings by genuinely helping him to the next step.

This is the smartphone stage of internet age so once a domain name is registered, a website is to be made followed by a product app. When these tasks are accomplished, you should help your client in promoting his business online via blog posts and internet marketing.

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