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How To Recover A VPS Or Dedicated Server With Rescue Mode?

Rescue mode is a valuable tool for server administrators and system administrators because it provides a means to troubleshoot and recover a server in various scenarios.

Accessing your server by using the recovery console especially when you lose access to your Linux VPS or Dedicated Server is one thing. But, sometimes logging in through the recovery console doesn’t help or it doesn’t work for you then, in that case, you need to boot your server in ‘Rescue Mode‘.

In rescue mode, you are given temporary login credentials that you use to get into your server via SSH to resolve your server-related issues.

Login to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Visit your ‘Products‘ page
  2. On your ‘My Products‘ page, click ‘Manage
  3. Select ‘Rescue Mode‘ from the ‘Server Actions‘ option
  4. Click ‘Confirm

A progress message will appear, and in a few minutes, your server will reboot to rescue mode. Your server dashboard will now show that your server is running in ‘Rescue Mode‘. This message appears next to your server name.

Now you can use those temporary login credentials to access your server via SSH and you will be able to access all files available on your server.

Complete your work and when you are done, click ‘Exit Rescue Mode‘ present in your server’s Dashboard. Your server will now reboot to the active mode i.e. normal mode.

Additionally, exercise caution when making changes in rescue mode, as improper actions can potentially cause data loss or system instability.

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