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How To Set Default Admin Color Scheme For All Users In WordPress?

Now there are many plugins you can use for transforming your WordPress admin section in your own colors. Now you know how to create your own color scheme, you know how to change frontend admin bar color as per admin color scheme selected in backend, you know how to randomly change color schemes as soon any new post is published or an old post updated and there are a lot more tips, tricks and plugin.

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How To Create Your Own WordPress Admin Color Scheme?

Every week new plugin for admin color schemes are populating WordPress plugin repo. Today we are discussing about another interesting plugin that lets you create your own admin color schemes. The plugin is an official WordPress.Org release which enable you to visually create new color schemes with easy color picker.

Creating new color scheme of your favorite colors:

First install and activate Admin Color Schemer plugin, upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Admin Colors page and selet colors

You can select color for Base, Icon, Highlight and Notification. You can also click ‘ Show Advance Options‘ link present in there to customize every admin color like: Button, Text (over Base), Body background, Link, Link interaction, Checked form controls, Menu background, Menu text, Menu icon, Menu highlight background, Menu highlight text, Menu highlight icon, Menu current background, Menu current text, Menu current icon, Submenu background, Submenu text, Submenu alt, background, Submenu text interaction, Submenu current text, Bubble background, Bubble text, Bubble current background, Bubble current text, Menu collapse text, Menu collapse icon, Menu collapse text interaction, Menu collapse, icon interaction, Toolbar avatar frame, Toolbar input background.

Using Infogeek Admin Themes With New WordPress Color Schemes

Infogeek Admin Themes, another new admin area theme plugin that provides you three new color schemes based on WordPress 3.8 update. Simply install and activate the plugin, then visit your admin area profile page from dashboard user’s menu and you will be seeing three new color schemes: Infogeek Clear, Infogeek High Contrast and XTND ( Extend ).

Infogeek Clear:

Has the white as main color and blue as highlight. Is very clear theme for you backend, if you don\’ like so much the high contrast.

XTND ( Extend ):

A theme very close to the default theme but uses magenta instead of blue! Very nice looking variation!

Infogeek High Contrast:

Has a main color of green-blue ( like the sea ), secondary highlight colors of blue and black. Clear and helps much with distinction amount the different sections of the backend user interface.

Classic Grey WordPress Admin Color Schemes For Everyday Use

New¬†Grey Admin Color Schemes for WordPress 3.8’s admin area from Toolstack.com gives your WordPress site admin new classic grey color schemes that will not make your bored after few days like other colorful schemes. Install and activate¬†Grey Admin Color Schemes plugin. upon activation the plugin adds four new color schemes you can change from Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile page.

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Changing Frontend Admin Bar Color As Per New Admin Color Schemes In WordPress

Now new WordPress version provides you 8 different color schemes, few days back we have also discussed about Adding Some More Admin Area Color Schemes and how you can Randomly Change WordPress Admin With Various Colors Schemes. You can select your favorite color scheme from Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile page but that doesn’t changes the color of admin barin the front-end, it remains same on all color schemes. This tutorial is on new WordPress plugin that one thing automatically, it simply changes the color of admin bar in front-end on the basis of selected color scheme.

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