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Value-Driven Model Is Much More Secured

Zomato can continue to be in business till the people continue to buy their food in its app. This adds value into it. Beyond any cashflow model of business, such a valuation model is much more secured. Likewise Zomato’s share can also continue to create wealth for investors till they continue investing into this.

“As one of the two leading players in the rapidly growing food delivery market in India, we expect Zomato to deliver over 40 per cent revenue CAGR making it one of the fastest-growing internet companies in the region,” the Swiss brokerage firm in India UBS Securities has said.

Largest Possible Market Awaits Nexus 7

I am planning to buy Nexus 7 and wait till its India launch instead of buying Apple i-pad-3 now. I have not mentioned any other device as I expect Steve Jobs integrity effect out of Nexus 7 as well. Although Google can do much better by more collaborative approach to India up to the extent of collaborating with Universal Free Education System.

India could be more than welcoming to Nexus 7 as its largest possible market, if retail price remain below INR 10,000 in tie up with some telecom companies and device facilitates free homeschooling in local language. Moreover an exchange offer for old device of user with Internet time may bring additional wonder. Almost everybody out of this largest growing mobile market may then buy Nexus 7.