The Past Is Dead

The past is dead so everybody may move on only forward. People's personal outlets, upgrading

What Is To Be Done?

Set the homepage of your browser to for making websites and start helping

Separatism Doesn’t Resolve Anything

Spain disintegrates due to its inherent colonial consistency that is still evident in its king. It is a failure of their democracy. Many more European states might face many similar circumstances.

The problem is not that Spain disintegrates. The way solution is not that Catalonia is not Spain. Tibet may not be China or Scotland was not England.

The way Hong Kong aspires for democracy but China fails in accomodating that, what Catalonia would do afresh for Catalans, if independent, is a geopolitical question that nobody bothers to answer.

The colonial consistency must breakdown at some point of time but annihilating all apartheid includes separatism as well. Separatism doesn’t resolve anything. This uploads mere a political hype that fades away with time into coercion of a new kind.

Are You Looking For Employment?

If you are looking for an employment, you better start building your net worth by simply changing your world in three steps: –

  1. Signup for your free account to start making websites and apps for yourself and others as well.
  2. Read the book #OccupyWebspace on your android phone from Play Store.
  3. Download android app Shardul Pandey from Play Store to connect direct with System Administrator. lets you work for yourself across all countries alike.

Signup for your free account to startup. Wherever you are, you work by helping people around you in bringing their business online. Doing that you become the people’s personal outlet delivering complete internet infrasructure, online support and global exposure to them then and there. You do great business as bringing everybody’s business online, is going to become the greatest ever business.

You are always prepared for developing any websites or apps for others because independent developers, from around the world, help you in doing that and whomsoever you show the path of getting emplyed like this, bring you increasingly more business. Accordingly you pay them fellowships for any cooperation in innovation and promotion.

The work goes great. You help humankind in upgrading life and business as per the standards of the smartphone stage of internet age and from every corner of the planet Earth, the work comes looking for you upon your personal app.

Android Rate Of Globalization

Leave your laptop behind as your android phone works adequately well. Unburdening of this kind is quite helpful. Everybody is busy only with a smartphone. This is very businesswise.

We are passing through the smartphone stage of internet age towards the internet of everything. People get really busy with smartphones and most of those are run upon android. That is how android is emerging into ultimate marketplace for the most of goods and services, you use.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, the growth rate of android is globalizing humankind at the top of everything else. Therefore any business must consider getting distributed via android apps. Independent individuals having account work everywhere as personal outlets facilitating all that.

Registering or transferring a domain of your choice at is made easy at and downloading android app Shardul Pandey from Play Store, connects with the System Administrator direct for business. He helps you make your domain publicly useful and getting that distributed through android apps to make your business.

The creator of Windows Bill Gates is still the richest individual on planet Earth and he does not use any iphone but like the creator of Linux Linus Torvalds, he too has preferred using an android phone. That is the case with every sensible person aware of evolving powers around.

Will I Make Money If I Start My Website?

Yes, you can. Even if you sell nothing yet you can make money from your website by placing Google AdSense on your website. But then you will have to devote some time to your website on regular basis.

Your posts can make money for you only if you post useful or interesting content, choose a niche that interests you and try to engage your visitors on your website, the more you write, the more interest your website will hold and the more people are going to browse it.

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Is Keyword Research Important Before Posting Articles On Your Website?

No. Keyword targeting has become irrelevant after Google Hummingbird update which works on the concept of semantic web search. It pays more attention to the sentence or conversation or meaning instead of taking only keywords into account.

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The Best Thing You Can Do When Your Baby Is Born

People write birth story, they take newborn pictures, they fill out baby books, they prepare scrapbook of monthly pictures, they bake cookies for nurses, they gather addresses, they send out announcements, they post all this on social media, they tell everyone.

Don’t become a supplier of content for other websites, one very important thing you must not forget at this important time of your life is to secure the domain name of the newborn.

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How To Build A Personal Website And Turn Your Interest Into Income?

A personal website gives you complete freedom to show the world who you are, it serves as a living archive of your accomplishments and hobbies. Building your personal website is pretty easy today. You can build your website using your name as the domain name and turn it into your personal website/blog to accelerate your career development.

It gives you better digital presence, provide better view of your personality, skills and experience, you can build your resume online, and most importantly it works as your online asset because everything you post on your website by showing your web knowledge, as a professional or hobby blogger creates a value for you which is going to stay and bring new income.

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Domain Privacy! Why Do You Need It?

The Domain Privacy at keeps personal information safely locked to protect it against identity theft, saves your contact information from email harvesters and people spamming your inbox by purchasing whois databases. Hence, it prevents domain-related spam and deters domain hacking.

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To start making your website, first you must register your domain name. Once domain name is registered, the built-in system of guides you to start your website on that domain address.

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How Dedicated IP Address Protects Email Sender’s Reputation?

A Dedicated IP is generally allocated for Dedicated Servers and VPS but you can also use it over your Shared Hosting option. A Dedicated Hosting IP gives your hosting account and website its unique IP address, one that’s not shared by any other accounts hosted on the same server.

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3 Steps to Make Your Own Dynamic Website at

Starting any kind of website at is easy. All it takes is a domain, hosting and a few easy steps to bring your mobile friendly website online.

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Why you Should Subscribe SSL Certificate from

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology to establish encryption between a client and a server. It allows sensitive information such as login credentials, user data, social security numbers and credit card information to be transmitted securely in encrypted form instead of plain text which leaves you vulnerable.

Now a days there are many websites that shows you partial encryption error and some displays no-encryption or un-trusted SSL warnings.

The reason is that the Google has not only considered SSL as an official ranking factor but is taking aggressive steps to protect users data and encouraging website owners to use a well configured SSL Certificate.

Google now blocks all un-trusted and badly configured SSL certificates and hence potentially millions of websites that use SSL certificates issued by various big and small companies, even Symantec could find that their certificates are going effectively worthless when Chrome is concerned.

So if your website is also showing the RED HTTPS or any SSL error then you must act now because this thing will not only stop clients from making transactions on your website but it will also stop them from accessing your website because now Google Chrome clearly displays the invalid certificate warning on each visit.

And the link to proceed to the webpage is hidden in the advanced link which is left unseen, even then netizens will think twice before accessing your website.

How to Remove SSL Warnings?

Use a well-configured SSL certificate, SSL configuration is not a one step process and hence you should know how to correctly configure an SSL certificate on your website.

Subscribe SSL from and it will guide you with an step-by-step process of requesting, installing and configuring HTTPS on your website. If you want some expert to do it for you then you can buy online support from