Book The Bankers For NPA

Bankers must be prosecuted for Non Performing Assets as they are regularly paid for not to let that happen. Even in some cases, the defaulters are on the run but the banks are very much here so prosecute them.

Mismanaging the hard earned public money is a crime and when the governments pump in more public money for saving such banks, the crime deliberately doubles. Netizens everywhere must resist that with all their might for protecting their own worth. Bankers are to get booked for NPAs.

Respect The Householding Spouse

The householding spouse should be given a regular right over half of the income of the working spouse during the marriage and not after that. That is the due respect the householding spouses deserve for indirectly making the greatest possible contribution into the global business as a class without ever getting paid for it.

The time has come to amend this everywhere by necessary legislation. Alimony should better be abolished as this is disrespectful to the dignity of individual.

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