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America Is Out To Make CPC’s Insistence On One China Policy Backfire Democracy Into The Mainland

In a press briefing on Sunday the 1st of August 2022 at the White House, the National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said, “The world has seen the United States government be very clear that nothing has changed — nothing has changed — about our One China policy, which is of course guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the Three Joint U.S.-PRC Communiqués, and the Six Assurances.”  

On the same day, the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set off on a tour of Asia without any mention of Taiwan on her official itinerary, which included Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, but landed in Taiwan too in a military plane and said, “Forty three years ago, America made a promise to always stand with Taiwan… today our delegation came to Taiwan to make it unequivocally clear we will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan,” reaffirming that the US won’t ever leave the democracy in Taiwan unguarded. 

In retaliation, China started a series of military operations surrounding the island of Taiwan from Tuesday night.

“We have the determination, ability and confidence to ensure national security,” Taiwan said in a statement.

Initially America was an ally to Taiwan and Pakistan. Pakistan brought democratic America in touch with communist China. Thereafter following the footsteps of capitalist America, China also made its fortune by supplying to Europe. Now cash-rich Communist China has formed an axis with Russia and North Korea firmly in its league. 

America’s adherence to one China policy is clearly in conformity with its adherence to democracy above all so as to the Communist Party of China’s insistence on one China policy backfires democracy into the mainland. Democracy from America seems out for that.  

One Country Two Systems Is Seriously Troubled

The political economy of the People’s Republic of China could further get troubled with the lowest GDP growth on record. A trade war is escalating between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping while China accuses the West in general and the United States of America in particular for provoking protests in Hong Kong.

Whenever caught in a conflict with the oldest democracy in the world that is far away, the People’s Republic of China got good support from the largest democracy in the world that is in its neighbourhood. But recently the Chinese Government has further alienated the largest democracy also by crticising the Indian act of terminating a kind of ‘one country two systems’ in Kashmir. China has unnecessarily gone too far in its alliance with Pakistan that is constantly accused of provoking separatism and terrorism by the Indian side.

Whereas the problem in Hong Kong is continuing independently of all these factors, manifesting a failure of ‘One Country Two Systems’ policy in particular. ‘One China Policy’ showcasing ‘One Country Two Systems’ is seriously troubled with Hong Kong Administration increasingly alienating the people of Hong Kong. The government response is seemingly posing a threat to democracy in Hong Kong, anticipating any retaliation by Chinese people into a threat of democracy in mainland China as well.