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Netizens’ Insistances Make Us A Movement

Yet unseen viral pandemics repeatedly outbreak because of meat eating habits of a few people and spread basis others’ non-essential travelling and meeting habits. Sangkrit forbids all that from the very beginning as smartphone stage of internet age fully facilitates otherwise.

You need to find your purpose in being around wherever you are, to get connected with the things happenning around, to feel alive as that is your life. Internet is universally happenning around so you get connected via a smartphone as that is the way in your times. Thereafter also you require to find out a purpose that stays with you even after you give it away. This happens to you only by your natural induction into Sangkrit.

Considering four things such as system, application, data and outcome about everything in observation, you clean your space, cook your vegetarian meals, program your world and blog your knowledge by involving anyone following this much for an all-inclusive execution that is literally called Sangkrit. Pursuing this program you must make netizens insist upon such Sangkrit way of life as made explicit here and stay in that stance forever. That is to be known as insistance.

‘Insistance’ is a typical term of Sangkrit. This is directly upgraded from english term ‘insistence’ by accomodating the ‘stance’ that means ‘आसन’ into it. So this means आग्रह आसन of सांकृत गुरुकुल to be implemented. Any realised insistance is called the ‘instance’. ‘Insistance’ means the statecraft is confirmed although the concerned authorities might change upon not implementing the same.

Netizens’ insistances make us a movement. It is a movement that no one is going to leave, never!

Nation States Must Be Distributing National Dividends To Their People

A political-economic debate on charitable idea of basic income is globally going on but people are not beggers. They are the stakeholders of nation states.

How the governments could be running without earning for actual stakeholders? The national governments must be distributing a national dividend direct to their people in everybody’s personal account.

It is going to become everybody’s basic income everywhere. Sangkrit calls netizens to insist upon that.

Internet Doesn’t Discriminate

Unlike all superstitions and politics, the internet protocol nowhere indulges in any sorts of apartheid. This doesn’t discriminate among peoples at all.

Still any superstitions or politics want to circumvent this for discriminating among netizens. That ought to get fought fully well by the peoples across all the countries alike. Sangkrit facilitates for that.