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Free People Face It Differently

With Italy reporting 250 more dead by the Chinese epidemic COVID-19 in just 24 hours; people, facing a nationwide lockdown that began this week, appeared in their balconies singing songs together to boost the public morale all over, while Europe is said to have become the new epicenter of COVID-19 disaster. It is the worst thing happening after a century of Spanish flu.

Italy is the worst-hit country in Europe so far with 17,750 declared infected and 1441 dead due to this. Still the Italians have shown a great will to fight the pandemic as free people.

Independent countries are closing borders and declaring national emergencies without hindering a free flow of information whereas Iran is said to be suppressing the reality about situation there as satellites have images indicating mass burials of possible COVID-19 victims in very big mass graves clearly visible from space.

Desperate Measures Are A Must In Desperate Times

COVID-19, originated as Wuhan virus from China, initially spread following only Chinese connections. This Chinese pandemic is now increasingly killing more people abroad. To cope with widely spread COVID-19, today Italy has to declare a complete lockdown of their country by asking all its people for staying within homes. Every other country is also taking desperate measures.

It is not any coincidence that yet unseen viral pandemics repeatedly outbreak from China. It is just because of a wet (meat) market there. So shutting down all the wet (meat) markets, wherever they are, to prevent pandemics such as #COVID19 is a must.

Now not only China but every sovereign state must also check for this within its domain. Desperate measures are a must in desperate times.