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Only Those Are Independent Who Own Their Time

Freedom is equivalent to the time to enjoy your leisure the way you like. You may do so by working also but just to please yourself and not to earn your living. That is how only those people are really independent who own all their time.

That means you cannot be called independent till you need to trade any of your time to earn any money you need. Thus you may think yourself whether you are already independent or not yet?

To become really independent, you need an adequate residual income coming regularly into your bank account. That comes for sure when by developing increasingly more independent outlets of Sangkrit.net, you build up a strong division for your independence. Sangkrit facilitates for a complete eco-system to that.

Are You Independent?

Independence is in fact individual. Everyone is not independent. Mostly women are not. It is essentially economic but is cultural as well.

Indpendence is individual

You need to realise yourself whether you are really indepndent or not at all? If not; now stop trusting them, whoever have failed your trust till now. You have to take care of your health and wealth independent of them and independent of everyone else as well.

Still no one is going to let you become free. Literally you have to fight for your freedom.

Fight for that

For a financial freedom, trust yourself better to become an entrepreneur. This is made easy here. To become really independent simply startup as a people’s personal outlet in the globally distributed order of Sangkrit.

Billions of like-minded people are all around you. Interacting with them you may enjoy your fast track travel into your individual independence. Till now not only superstitions but regulations were also having a conflicting impact upon humanity but the new pandemic has all of sudden made everyone’s fate intertwined.

It is worth dying for

Humankind is now compelled for an universal integration along with realising individual independence. So; are you also on board? Ask yourself better? Sangkrit is all about ascertaining your individual independence.

Independence is historically treated as the most valued thing for a human being. It is even considered worth dying for. Implementing the algorithm of Sangkrit is just like that.

Enjoy with excitement a pure pleasure of your personal bank account getting credited repeatedly by following that. That is your independence.