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Automatic Website Backup With One-Click Restore

SANGKRIT.net is the one-stop solution for all your web and app requirements. Securing your website with SSL and Malware Scanner is one thing but keeping a regular backup of your website is far more important as that keeps your and your customer’s data safe especially when hackers try to pry their way in.

The website backup service at SANGKRIT.net automatically backups your complete website and offers a one-click restore. Thus, it makes you ready for anything that comes your way.

You are in all control of when your daily backups happen. You simply need to subscribe to it, set it up by following on-screen instructions, and then just continue to focus on building your business. Site monitoring, malware scanning, and backups all go on in the background.

Apart from this, you can also download backup copies to your local device for emergency access and migration. In case, if you make any changes or updates to your website, you can run an on-demand backup or simply wait for the automatic backup to happen.