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The Pandemic Is Repeatedly Caused By The Crowded Affairs

The world is changed but people not changing are causing deaths en masse. The second wave of corona virus pandemic is simply caused by crowded affairs of such peoples. These people must get marked as public enemies to save the humankind.

They are indeed more afraid of living in isolation than of dying helplessly so let them have their will fulfilled. An immediate rigorous imprisonment suits them best. We just cannot ever stop leading even if necessary by the harshest measures.

Old outdated habits malfunctions as superstitions. It is proved long back that superstitions cannot save any people. Only the science can save them.

Enhancing Human Cooperation Holds The Key

Corona virus is not gone and will not be gone any time sooner. Panicking through the pandemic times won’t help but entrap deeper down within itself.

What could certainly help is devotedly developing many legions of people’s personal outlets as always taught here. Sangkrit banks upon developing human assets, called people’s personal outlets. People’s personal outlets enhance human cooperation. Human cooperation is the only force, capable of resetting everything back to normal.

However difficult might become a time but is never mightier than possible human cooperation within that particular time as only that might reset that back to normal. Thus enhancing human cooperation holds the key.