How To Restart Your Pending Domain Name Transfer To

If you are trying to transfer your domain name to to get the benefit of free extras and your current registrar has rejected your request because of failed verification, pending payment or whatever, you can resolve it easily yourself.

The reason or the type of error with your domain transfer to, it is displayed as a status on the Transfers-In page of your Domain Manager in your account.

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Transfer Your Domain Name To

You can easily transfer your domain name to by completing some steps and avail benefit of free extras such as email, privacy, and free website builder.

Start by visiting Domain Transfer page here, then type your domain address and buy your domain transfer. The step by step on-screen process will guide in transferring your domain name to

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How To Find Your Hosting Or Server’s IP Address?

When you have to manually update the DNS for your domain to point it to your website or when you don’t want to change the name servers because you are using some custom MX records for email or when you need to host your mobile application files on your server or whatever. You will need the IP address of your web hosting, managed WordPress or server to use it.

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Basic Building Blocks For Your WooCommerce Online Store

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that empowers everyone to start an e-commerce store on own without hiring any developer. You can yourself start your new e-commerce website or transform your existing WordPress website into an online store in minutes.

The basic building blocks for a WooCommerce store are:

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