Do Not Eat Any Meat

Chinese authorities have appropriately warned in areas affected by Coronavirus outbreak to not eat

Swiss May Show The Way

Multi-lingual federal environ in a direct democracy is what works for Switzerland and that

Citizenships By Advance Tax Deposits

States should start charging a certain amount of an advance tax deposit for granting citizenship to any willing immigrants. So that the netizens may freely choose the countries as per individual liking for living.

Contemporarily independent states could only be hosting humanity by innovating the best of amenities facilitating for that. Any other reasoning for their continuing independently is getting rapidly eroded with changing times.

Nation States Must Be Distributing National Dividends To Their People

A political-economic debate on charitable idea of basic income is globally going on but people are not beggers. They are the stakeholders of nation states.

How the governments could be running without earning for actual stakeholders? The national governments must be distributing a national dividend direct to their people in everybody’s personal account.

It is going to become everybody’s basic income everywhere. Sangkrit calls netizens to insist upon that.

Own Your Domain Of Internet And Make Others Also Own Theirs

Internet is distributed into domains. Not even a single bit of webspace is free from top level domains. Domain registrants actually own the internet.

Domains can be bought, owned, transferred, inherited and traded into also as newest kind of private property. You too must own your part of internet by registering your domain name at and make your people also own their domain names. Own your domain of internet and make others also own theirs to keep it growing as another universe.

Moreover helping others into this might become your serious business. Signup for your account at to become the people’s personal outlet. You may freely work as internet growth engine.

You Are A Netizen

You are reading this because you are a netizen. This is your utmost universal value. Comparing to this your citizenship is a very local issue.

Netizens are globally connected. Together being Sangkrit they are empowered as invincible everywhere.

Sangkrit is the collaborative collective that lets you become self-led in the course by posting all statements here at addressed to you and you ought to cooperate to become like that.

Thus you are homeschooled to become a freedom fighter for yourself so that you carry your freedom on the go through this smartphone stage of internet age.

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