How To Block Or Unblock IP Addresses On cPanel Hosting? hosting plans and servers have a firewall installed, to detect potentially-malicious behavior and block such IP addresses from making any connections to the server automatically. And there are times when you want to stop some server, website or user from accessing your website.

This is generally done by adding new .htaccess rules, but hosting also has a feature to help create these rules visually.

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Let Public Life Experiences Punish And Reward Everything

Never buy any products from the shop that once fail your expectations. Do not elect that public representative, who is not responsible enough to your own legislative expectations.

People may dump that legislature in next elections, which fails in doing pro-people legislations.

Empowering people means public life experiences ultimately punish and reward every segment of society. Minus marking is a must upon everything. Power is a priviledge to punish and reward.

Fix Your Hacked Website With Website Security Express

Google blacklist the websites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, and this makes it impossible for netizens to find such websites from search.

Website owners generally receive the first notification of hacked website from Google, especially if they are not using any website security and that means the damage has already been started on your website because Google has started to warn people from visiting your website.

If your website is hacked and you want to fix it now then’s Website Security Express is for you. In addition to website security and blacklist monitoring, it also provides you an option to remove malware from your website by submitting a malware removal request to experts team at

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How To Manage Your Products At

You have registered or transferred your domain name, subscribed some hosting option or purchased a website builder at To manage your products, you simply need to log in and visit your account page.

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Marxism Has Been A By-Product Of Capitalism

Two hundred years back, Karl Marx was born in this house on the date of today. Whole his life he worked hard to find a way out of Capitalism but Marxism never worked beyond, being itself a by-product of industrial age.

Everywhere millions followed the sham path of proclaimed liberation that did worst to most of them. An attempt of openness for restructuring the soviet system by Mikhail Gorbachev finally buried that bipolar disorder of humanity forever as the internet age began beyond that.

Internet age gets distributed into domains but corporate ways still corrupt the best of them. What we should finally do with Capitalism is to leave it forever behind by truly entering into internet age.