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3 Steps to Make Your Own Dynamic Website at

Starting any kind of website at is easy. All it takes is a domain, hosting and a few easy steps to bring your mobile friendly website online.

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Why you Should Subscribe SSL Certificate from

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology to establish encryption between a client and a server. It allows sensitive information such as login credentials, user data, social security numbers and credit card information to be transmitted securely in encrypted form instead of plain text which leaves you vulnerable.

Now a days there are many websites that shows you partial encryption error and some displays no-encryption or un-trusted SSL warnings.

The reason is that the Google has not only considered SSL as an official ranking factor but is taking aggressive steps to protect users data and encouraging website owners to use a well configured SSL Certificate.

Google now blocks all un-trusted and badly configured SSL certificates and hence potentially millions of websites that use SSL certificates issued by various big and small companies, even Symantec could find that their certificates are going effectively worthless when Chrome is concerned.

So if your website is also showing the RED HTTPS or any SSL error then you must act now because this thing will not only stop clients from making transactions on your website but it will also stop them from accessing your website because now Google Chrome clearly displays the invalid certificate warning on each visit.

And the link to proceed to the webpage is hidden in the advanced link which is left unseen, even then netizens will think twice before accessing your website.

How to Remove SSL Warnings?

Use a well-configured SSL certificate, SSL configuration is not a one step process and hence you should know how to correctly configure an SSL certificate on your website.

Subscribe SSL from and it will guide you with an step-by-step process of requesting, installing and configuring HTTPS on your website. If you want some expert to do it for you then you can buy online support from

How To Add Shipping Cost Per Item, Per Shipping Class Or Per Order In WooCommerce?

Flat Rate Shipping, a free shipping method in your WooCommerce website enabled you to define a standard rate per item, per shipping class or per order. It works with Product Shipping Classes with more options and flexibility.

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Group Similar Ecommerce Products For Specific Shipping Methods In WooCommerce

Shipping classes in WooCommerce are used for grouping similar products and used by some shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping etc to offer different rates to different product classes.

For instance – If you are using shipping classes, it becomes possible for you to create different flat rate costs for different product types such as bulky items and light items.

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How To Add Single Products With Multiple Choice Options In WooCommerce?

You can allow your customers to choose variations such as color and size for each product on your eCommerce website.

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Fix WooCommerce Image Size Issues On Your Ecommerce Website

Issues with featured product images is common on all ecommerce websites and market places, even Amazon and eBay are same in this regard. The reason is you can set a ratio for your product images and when someone uploads the images ignoring the format of featured images configured on your website, the display looks bad.

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How To Submit CSR (Certificate Signing Request) To Request SSL Certificate?

After generating CSR i.e. Certificate Signing Request you will need to use it for requesting SSL certificate activation for your website.

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How To Use Your Website To Reach New Prospective Clients?

The trick is simple yet powerful. When it comes to building a powerful marketing strategy, the problem is how to get that attention you need online.

The answer is – start making useful posts about your products and services and your every post should help the reader in some way. Because this thing only makes search engines work for you and promote your website on their result pages.

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How To Make Your Website Sell For You?

A website is organized right for selling, if it can:

  • Easily introduce the visitors to your business
  • Explain them advantage of considering your services
  • Can close a deal from your side with good online support

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Make Your Website A Powerful Introduction Tool For Your Business

More than 2.4 billion people use Internet every day, and some 90% of those consider any service after searching for it in Google and then landing on its website.

Most of the times, people don’t buy from businesses until and unless you are a very popular brand. They prefer buying from people they know, they like or they can trust. So if you are not selling something really inexpensive, then most people are not going to spend up their hard-earned cash without knowing a bit more first.

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Enable Remote Domains To Resolve Addon Domain Error On WHM/cPanel

Remote domain is a WHM option that allows users to create parked domains (aliases) and addon domains to resolve to other servers. By default this setting is turned to off. Hence, sometimes causes a common issue while adding addon domains in cPanel of any WHM of VPS or Dedicated Server.

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How To Deploy Java Applications On Server?

The Linux hosting servers at provides you cPanel management, many Java applications ship in WAR packages which means Web Application Archive that you can easily install on your server.

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