How Text Compression On Improves Your Website’s Speed?

The websites having no text compression are comparatively slower than the websites with active text compression. Hence, if you don’t have text compression turned on, your webpage is going to be slow. now has this on by default on all web hosting plans, so your if your page is suffering from this, it’s either because of third-party objects, or it somehow got disabled on your web hosting account and now you need to re-enable mod_deflate.

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Identifying An FTP Compromise & Protecting Your Website

There are some signs that your website’s been hacked, including the ones listed here but certainly not limited to:

  1. You find bad code inserted onto your website
  2. You find new files/directories with strange names on your hosting

However, there are many types of compromises, each of which has its own calling cards. They may include malicious injections where attackers can place code on your website that can contain malware or phishing content.

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How To Use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) In Your Hosting Account?

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) extends the capabilities of your Web server to make your website communicate with other application or script.

These programs are common on Web servers to interact dynamically with users. Many forms containing web pages use a CGI program for processing the data from the form.

CGI service at supports server-side includes, form handlers, and the hit counters.

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Harden Your Website’s Security With Functional Isolation

Security is not an absolute thing, it is a continuous process that never ends. This post will introduce you to a security concept which serves as an introductory guide to make your website more secure and easy to fix when compromised.

Whenever any malicious code or file enters your system, it becomes mandatory for you to check all your files, scan them, find the problem and fix it before it starts to affect your visitors, Google ranking and your online reputation.

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Starting A Budget Website Is Far More Better Than Any Free Website

Hosting your website on Blogger, Weebly or Wix etc is free and they also give you a free domain which is actually a sub-domain. But their free is not free as in freedom. Such kind of website makes you look unprofessional, impacts your search rankings and you cannot make money from your website.

Having a website on someone else platform proves that you are not serious about your online presence. So even if you are just a hobby blogger, you should be serious about your website because you can earn from it.

By spending a little money you can have your own web space running your website on your own domain address such as which means that you are having your own web property and not a website owned and rented to you by some one else. This way you become the complete owner of your online presence.

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Getting Your Business Online Is No More Complex Or Expensive

The system at provides you easy-to-use hassle-free solutions to get online in less time and allocated budget.

You simply start by registering or transferring your domain name and the system at will guide you to all important steps to bring your website online on your own.

Similarly you can make money by transferring other domains to help others on their websites. Simply ask your client to set as homepage then help him in buying things necessary for his startup, you can share your contact details for any further help and programming support which is purchasable to you on per hour per terminal basis from

This way you work as a personal outlet of by serving your clients with all technical and programming support in brining their businesses online.

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Start Your Online Store In 3 Easy Steps With WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular and highly customizable eCommerce platform you can use for building your online business.

It is a free WordPress plugin that easily installs on your WordPress site and allows you to run a fully fleshed eCommerce website on your own without any technical/coding skills.

When WooCommerce is used with Managed WordPress at takes ten to fifteen minutes to start a fully fleshed online store on the choice of your domain.

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Learn To Manage Your Websites On Your Own

You can reduce cost and easily start managing your websites on your own by using Managed WordPress as a complete online solution for your websites.

WordPress is no more a blogging platform, it is now fully fleshed website management system that lets you start most types of websites on your own without the need of hiring any expert.

The default WordPress dashboard is even easier to manage than you think – you simply start by affixing /wp-admin on your domain where the WordPress is installed then login to start customizing your website.

By spending a few minutes in dashboard will make you understand all its core functionalities.

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With Advancement Of Technology Hybrid Apps Will Perform Better And Cost Less

The core difference between the two kinds of app development is that a hybrid app is made by packaging a webapp (sometimes only the mobile view of a website) into a native app environ using cross-compatible web technologies, operated over web view module accessible through the built-in web browser of the app.

Whereas a native app is a program specifically coded in specific programming languages for device specific operating system such as Android or iOS.

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3 Important Conversion Tips For Ecommerce Websites & Apps

When a visitor reaches the product page on your ecommerce website, you get a chance of closing the deal by converting your visitor into customer. Hence you should not give your visitor any subsidiary reason to ignore your product.

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Stephen Hawaking Is No More Now

It is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

Stephen Hawking is no more today. He was finally worried that humanity is not vigilant enough for its survival against most possible dangers of its extinction.

Respecting his legacy for us humankind can be practised as follows: –

  1. Let us become very vigilant for our survival by finding out other planetary abodes beyond earth that can be hosting humanity
  2. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced aliens
  3. Let us become very vigilant for our survival against possibly more advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning

Sangkrit respects him like that considering his life as an eternal era in the cosmology of universe. Seeing him living, we have come to know fully well that it is our brain that can keep our body alive and it is not vice versa.

Meet The Men Who Clean And Cook As Well

Women must stop marrying the men who are programmed to dominate them by their wrong upbringing.

Women are burdened everywhere with all sorts of unpaid household responsibilities that go unpaid. Through ages across all societies, they bear very disproportionate burden of unpaid labour like fetching water and firewood from faraway places, cooking and cleaning for whole family and guests to taking care of all children and elderly. Such unpaid workloads amounts almost half of the world economy.

Despite this, most of the women do not have any independent income. Unpaid workloads upon women remain many times higher than on men anywhere. This unjust situation is alike in developing and developed countries. Therefore emancipating women from this yoke of unpaid workloads might earn enough in every political economy on planet earth.

Even the most untoward circumstances cannot stop women from earning independently via when they start working as people’s personal outlet, distributing and developing the internet growth to everyone around. Working like this is possible from anywhere on planet earth.

Moreover this gives women their most necessary change. They meet the men, who clean and cook as well. Since without any discrimination such as sexual consideration, Sangkrit encourages everyone to take all cleaning and cooking responsibilities equally very much like blogging and programming. Upgrading humankind like this into internet age ends all discrimination.

Thus Sangkrit is the program that actually emancipates women. The word ‘Sangkrit’ literally means an all-inclusive execution. Dominantly populating planet earth by making more and more Sangkrit households would become very much possible if women stop marrying the men, who are programmed to dominate them by their wrong upbringing. Instead marrying the men, who truly cooperate in everything shall serve the purpose of preparing a free future.