New Direction

Automatically Update All Internal Links After Changing Any Post URL In WordPress

Whenever you update any post or page link in WordPress, all internal links linking to that specific URL go  dead and start showing error 404. Now no worries, in this article we will show you how you can point internal links from old to new post URL all automatically.  Continue reading


Open, Copy Or Bookmark Multiple Links At The Same Time In Chromebook

Sometime back we have discussed about Copy All Urls app that lets you copy all opened tab URLs to clipboard. Linkclump is another good plugin that provides you more powerful features and options.  Continue reading

The Web is Not Enough

World-Wide-Web is moving now. It is moving into its highest stage that is mobility into portability. It is built by mobiles and clouds. Continue reading


Allow Only Moderated Editing Of Published Content In WordPress

Have you ever wanted to allow certain users on your WordPress site to first submit changes (on published content) to editor? And then only the revision can be published or scheduled for future publication? Continue reading


Prevent Users From Deleting Selective Posts In WordPress

Don’t want to allow your users to delete posts, pages and other custom post types in your WordPress site? Here an easy way to snatch away the content deleting right from registered users of your website.  Continue reading

CM Tooltip Glossary

Create Glossary Or Dictionary And Show It On Tooltips In WordPress

You can easily create your own glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia and show it over tooltips in your WordPress site. You can add difficult words, enter their meanings, define them and then automatically show them on mouse over inside your posts and pages in WordPress. Continue reading


Toggle Embedded Media With Shortcode In WordPress

You can increase focus on your advertisements and text content by toggling embedded media files in your WordPress site. Toggle Media plugin allows you to add visual animation to embedded content inside posts, pages and other custom post types.  Continue reading

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