Fade Images On Hover & Display Beautiful Sharing Icons In WordPress

How To Show Sharing Icons On Image Hover In WordPress? 3

You can easily add beautiful social sharing on-hover buttons on images you use inside your content via ‘Add Media‘ button present in WordPress visual editor. WordPress Image Hover Lite is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to do so at the time of inserting images in your posts and hence you [...]

How To Quickly Link To Existing Posts In WordPress?

While writing a new post, page etc, many times you need to link and reference to an old article of your website. In general, most WordPress bloggers follow the long route of linking internal content. First they search for the post, copy its URL and then mention it. The easy way of doing [...]

How To Create Categories And Subcategories In WordPress?

Now you know how to install a WordPress blog and how to write your first blog post. Another most important thing to manage any WordPress blog is organizing your blog posts with categories so that you can easily display filter links and make it easy for your visitors to browse your website. Many [...]

How To Completely Edit Author URLs (Base & Slug) In WordPress?

Earlier we have discussed about using Custom Author Names & Links in WordPress but what if you like editing the author’s slug of a user and also changing the author’s base. What is a Author’s Slug & Base? An Author’s URL in WordPress consists of your domain address followed by a base and [...]

Sangkrit Is Read Across All Countries Alike


Sangkrit is a family of self-publishing writers online, who seamlessly use a single nom de plume and are read across all countries alike. This works from home to homepage and vice-versa also from homepage to homes in the form of an universal free homeschool.

Sangkrit Gurukul has been the ancient-most knowledge [...]

How To Track & Undo Closed Tabs In Google Chrome?


Default tab restoring functionality has many limitations like you can only restore recently closed tabs, you cannot keep track of all closed tabs, you can browse them from browser’s history but that is a messy view and there it is very hard to find specific tabs to restore. If you have accidentally closed [...]

How To Instantly Redesign Popular Google Services?

Completely Redesign Popular Google Services In One Click

Google Redesigned is a free application available for Google Chrome & Firefox users. The extension completely redesigns all popular Google services soon after the activation. So if you are bored of default Google appearance then just add it on your web browser and the extension will automatically be redesigning your Google appearance. The [...]

How To Mention Posts Using Modal Box Links In WordPress?

Mentioning other posts inside any post works great for building SEO and increasing time on site. In general, bloggers mention posts simply by linking the words with other internal post on their website, clicking the link opens it on a new page. In this tutorial we will show you how to mention any [...]

How To Change Your Instagram Page Color?

How To Change Your Instagram Page Color?

Now color changing hack is not just limited for Facebook and Twitter. You can do same with your Instagram account. Color Change for Instagram is an amazing Instagram app for Google Chrome users, it simply enables you to change Instagram pages color. The app is not just limited to one color but you [...]

How To Edit Images From Post Edit Screen In WordPress?

WordPress 3.9 has introduced an awesome image editing feature. Now you can edit images directly from post edit screen. This new feature update not only allows you to drag and drop images but now you can edit them very easily. It provides you a faster access to image crop, scale, rotation tools and [...]

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