Make Your Website A Powerful Introduction Tool For Your Business

More than 2.4 billion people use Internet every day, and some 90% of those consider any service after searching for it in Google and then landing on its website.

Most of the times, people don’t buy from businesses until and unless you are a very popular brand. They prefer buying from people they know, they like or they can trust. So if you are not selling something really inexpensive, then most people are not going to spend up their hard-earned cash without knowing a bit more first.

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Enable Remote Domains To Resolve Addon Domain Error On WHM/cPanel

Remote domain is a WHM option that allows users to create parked domains (aliases) and addon domains to resolve to other servers. By default this setting is turned to off. Hence, sometimes causes a common issue while adding addon domains in cPanel of any WHM of VPS or Dedicated Server.

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How To Deploy Java Applications On Server?

The Linux hosting servers at provides you cPanel management, many Java applications ship in WAR packages which means Web Application Archive that you can easily install on your server.

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How To Use WordPresss To Solve Customer Problems?

WordPress can be used as a platform to communicate with customers online to solve their problems or answer their queries.

Even with core WordPress features just blog posts, you can update customers on your newest offers, products and events etc. All blog posts provides you a comment form which can be used for threaded discussions on your website. (See – Start your WordPress website today)

But if you want some traditional problem solving way then you may use forums/message boards or support ticket options.

What is the difference between Forums and Support Tickets?

Forums are good for online public discussions, where one client raises a question, the experts provide the solution and the topic is kept open for others to participate in, share their experiences and provide better ideas.

Whereas Support Tickets works in private, where a client raises some issue which is then resolved by the expert and the discussion is kept private between the support agent and the customer.

What plugins you should make use of to interact with your clients?

bbPress is popular WordPress plugin for hosting forums on your website. It is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed.

You can install bbPress on your WordPress site (Read – How to install plugin?) to start using it.

On the other side, most of the Support Ticket plugins provides you both free and premium versions. Free versions has certain limitations but you can use them as a stepping stone towards support ticketing system on your WordPress website.

WP Support Plus and JS Support Ticket are two good plugins to start Support Ticket Management on any simple WordPress installation. The plugins allow users to submit tickets and report problems or get product related support. It empowers users to set the problem status, priority and category of each ticket.

Once a ticket is submitted, it shows up on admin area dashboard where the site administrator or assigned support agent can further the discussion and resolve the client’s issue.

TRAI Must Assertively Amend The Situation

TRAI must ascertain that telecom companies just cannot prevent people trying to port out nor they can charge for trying their customer care numbers.

Jio has successfully disrupted Indian telecom scenario, where end user was made to suffer by stagnating nexus of telecom operators, who were unwilling to upgrade internet standards of the country involved. Now they are clearly violating the licensing norms by not facilitating for customers to port out their numbers to Jio. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India must ascertain that these telecom companies just cannot prevent people trying to port out nor they can charge for trying their customer care numbers.

A Programmer In India Can File Income Tax Return Under Section 44ADA

A programmer working independently can comfortably extend online support to domainers for five hours a day, charging not less than ₹2000 hourly per terminal. Healthfully working five hours a day for five days in a week, he works for only 1300 hours in a year. Therefore he would be making only ₹2600000 per annum. If he becomes very popular and starts charging more than ₹2000 hourly per terminal, he would be making much more.

Thus a programmer in India, not receiving more than ₹5000000 per annum, should take the route of presumptive taxation under section 44 ADA showing only 50% of total receipts as net profit without any accounts or deductions involved.

A Domainer In India Can File Income Tax Return Under Section 44 AD

Register your idea of doing business as a domain at to start selling with online support from that is charged hourly per terminal. Make and receive all payments only via your personal bank account and if you are not receiving more than ₹20000000 per annum you are free to take presumptive route to income tax under section 44 AD giving your domain name as your business name.

Only 6% of your total receipts is considered as your profit when you receive all money as business direct into your bank account so you are liable to pay tax on that before 15th of March every year without any accounts or deductions involved.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Lahaul Seth

I welcome you Lahaul at, please tell our netizens about yourself. Thanks for having me, Shardul. Apart from blogging and freelancing, I’m currently working full time as a Senior Systems Engineer for Infosys Ltd. I started blogging at the end of 2011. I was always fascinated (still am) with web technologies. I was inspired even more after watching the movie ‘The Social Network’. I was determined to build something of my own on the web. My first blog was on Blogger where I was writing about blogging itself and how it helped in increasing my technical skills. After a few months, I applied for Google Adsense for generating some revenue. Unfortunately, it didn’t last because someone click bombed my site and my Adsense account was deactivated. I was determined to find an alternate source of income and that’s when I got into Affiliate Marketing. After few months, I made my first income online after referring a product online.

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How To Force Instant RSS Feed Update in WordPress?

Recently a Managed WordPress owner raised a question about how to force an immediate update to RSS feeds in WordPress.

Is there a way to force RSS feed update on my website? My problem is after I have made changes to a blog post? I have noticed that once the content is published, the RSS feed is sent and I can see it in my own RSS reader, but then I cannot update it anyhow, even if I change everything in the post. Frustratingly, the RSS keeps showing the old version, even after I manually update my feed reader.

By default what happens is when you update posts, tags or categories on your website, the content sent via RSS feed remains the same for longer period of time. The reason is default feed update cycle of WordPress is twelve hours.

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Is Violence Disrupting State ?

State is duty-bound for staying sovereign and this is not done till the violence is monopolized by state.

People get killed, hurt or threatened by private actors of violence all around despite the fact that private actors cannot be left free anywhere for doing that. These private actors have actually started in this business as state sponsored terrorism.

Although sovereign states are duty-bound to keep the order intact for maintaining public security as per the laws of land but what is happening is that violence is disrupting the state.

State is duty-bound for staying sovereign and this is not done till the violence is monopolized by state. That means there cannot be any private actors left free.

Promote Your personal Outlet Via Your Personal App

Signup for your free account and promote your personal outlet of a globally distributed order via your personal app by giving it a global exposure.

When you signup for your free account, you work as personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit for upgrading humankind into internet age. You promote your business via getting your personal app published on google play. Your prospective clients download that on their smartphone to keep in constant touch with you. You work via that to get paid hourly per terminal direct into your bank account.

You save substantial money by not opening your brick-mortar office as that becomes unnecessary here. So a part of that saving, you must invest upon promoting your personal app to work with your clients from worldwide in close cooperation. Buying global exposure of Sangkrit for sometime is the best way of doing that.

You promote your personal outlet via your personal app by giving it a global exposure so that you change the world by bringing everybody’s business online. While doing so you simply mention your unresolved difficulties to get any necessary cooperation from other personal outlets from worldwide.

The globally distributed order of personal outlets is always there to let you make every breakthrough basis hourly per terminal support rates onward from ₹ 2000. Such reasonable rates beat all your competition. Nobody gives anything better giving any greater impact upon globalization so you succeed.

Let your customers also go that way because you are there as revolutionary vanguard to build the whole new civilization of internet age. Help them signup for their free account. Help them have their personal apps as a new social way and help them promote their reputation by bidding for the global exposure of Sangkrit.

Stalinism Is Continued Through Internet Age And Its Smartphone Stage

Stalin is relevant for recognizing the worth of data mining for extracting efficient intelligence.

Richard Stallman keeps away from smartphone, calling it the portable tracking device and blaming it as Stalin’s dream come true. Julian Assange called entire internet age as what Stalin would have admired. So Stalin is at the receiving end of all the blame of internet age and its smartphone stage. But what for and why?

In Stalin’s regime any uncomfortable facts were not just wiped out from photographs but from the planet earth and edited out of history as well. Yes there was Stalin before the Photoshop who did more than that but that is not all indeed keeping him still relevant through all the progress of internet age of humanity that is even making the most of politics also irrelevant.

Stalin is relevant for recognizing the worth of data mining for extracting efficient intelligence. That is why he is getting increasingly relevant through the smartphone stage of internet age for data retention.

Data retention is the Stalinist feature of smartphone stage of internet age. Machine learning is further implementing this.


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