WordPress 4.1 Update, What’s New?

WordPress 4.1 is out, the update is mainly focused on your writing, flawless language support, new default theme (Twenty Fifteen) for the coming new year and more.  Continue reading


WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode Is More Handy Now

Distraction free writing mode is designed to keep your writing area clean and save you from possible distractions when writing new articles.  Continue reading

Twenty Fourteen mobile

Twenty Fifteen: New WordPress Blog-focused Responsive Theme

New WordPress update of 4.1 now provides you a new default theme for your blog focused website. Theme has a responsive layout, sticky left sidebar and a very clean and clear interface.  Continue reading

Digital Currencies Could Get Stronger Also In The Free Market Internet Economy

Economics has another name as well. Originally it is called the political economy. Through this internet age that very context has become outdated, causing mental hurdles within the minds made through that. Continue reading

Support Dock

Best Support Ticket System Plugins For WordPress

Support ticketing system are used on various web services to connect the user with a support team. Unlike to forums, news board and message board system, support tickets are kept private and the conversation goes between the user and customer care team.  Continue reading


Post Tracking Updates For Status Of Orders & Support Tickets In WordPress

You can post status and tracking details of orders or support tickets in your WordPress site.

For instance: Suppose you are running an eCommerce website on WordPress, you can post tracking details like shipping, successfully delivered etc which your customers can search using their order numbers on your web store.  Continue reading

America Went For Seasoned Survivor Fidel’s Cuba In Another Way Today

US President Barack Obama talked to Cuban President Raul Castro today and decided for reestablishing diplomatic relationship with seasoned survivor Fidel’s Cuba because the policy of not recognizing contemporary Cuban regime just didn’t work.  Continue reading


Think Of Women Worldwide Blogging About Their Neighborhood

New blog on WordPress.com ‘ESTONIAN WOMAN THINKS‘ simply grows in a way that is interesting enough to be successful.

Continue reading

Screenshot 2014-12-17 at 22.34.29

Julian Assange Is Busy Saving World From Google For Now

Continue reading


Easily Use Custom URL Extensions In WordPress

No matter your website uses WordPress and is programmed in PHP but you can automatically use and display other language extensions before to hand it over to our client.  Continue reading

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