CM Tooltip Glossary

Create Glossary Or Dictionary And Show It On Tooltips In WordPress

You can easily create your own glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia and show it over tooltips in your WordPress site. You can add difficult words, enter their meanings, define them and then automatically show them on mouse over inside your posts and pages in WordPress. Continue reading


Toggle Embedded Media With Shortcode In WordPress

You can increase focus on your advertisements and text content by toggling embedded media files in your WordPress site. Toggle Media plugin allows you to add visual animation to embedded content inside posts, pages and other custom post types.  Continue reading


Now You Can oEmbed SlideShare Presentations In WordPress

SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast allows you to embed SlideShare presentations in your WordPress content types like posts and pages using the SlideShare embed code.  Continue reading

Unite Across All Countries To End The Apartheid From All The Spheres Of Humanity

People across all countries must unite to end the apartheid from all the spheres of humanity as it is politically continued everywhere; be it society or business.  Continue reading

photo album

Enable Face Detection For Better Cropping Of Thumbnails In WordPress

You can control the auto-cropping of thumbnails, you control the way how WordPress generates thumbnails in your website.

You must have noticed that when WordPress auto-generates thumbnails, it never crops them in the way which is more suitable for showing the thumbnail.

For instance, suppose you have a full portrait image of a person that you’ve uploaded, but you want the image to appear landscape or may be you have a landscape image, with a person’s face on the right hand side, but you need it to display in a square thumbnail.  Continue reading

Translate Globe

Top 7 Web Translator Apps For Translating Selected Text On The Go

In this article we are sharing some of the best Google Chrome apps that can be used for translating individuals words, selected text, paragraphs or full webpage on the go.  Continue reading

WooCommerce Jetpack 1

WooJetpack For Supercharging Your WordPress E-commerce Website

WooJetpack is a service that supercharges your WordPress website with awesome set of powerful modules essential for website owners using excellent WooCommerce platform on WordPress sites.  Continue reading is powered by & supported by