How To Register And Map A Domain To Your WordPress.Com Blog?

Blogging network like provides you sub-domain addresses like but you can register a new custom domain with us, such as and then map it to your existing blog. So that when your website visitors arrive, they will see your own domain name in their browser instead of something prefixed [...]

Top 5 Question & Answer Websites On Internet

There are large number of question and answer community websites on Internet. A questions & answers website enables you to ask specific questions on various topics or search and answer the questions posted by others, some websites like allows you to do everything anonymously. Earlier we have discussed about creating your own [...]

How To Find New Exciting Blogs With StumbleUpon?


StumbleUpon is a great service for discovering new websites and webservices etc of your interests. The website provides you a wide range of categories which you can add to your interests list and the one click and you will automatically get redirected to a new random website of your interest. In this tutorial [...]

How To Pin Images On Websites Lacking Pinterest PinIt Button?

Most websites provides you a PinIt button so that you can easily pin images to your pinboard but there are many websites which doesn’t provides you any PinIt option. For example: If you are willing to pin any theme from WordPress theme repository or may be if you like pinning a Flickr image [...]

Easily Display Tabbed Group Of Widgets With Animated Scroll In WordPress

Easily Display Tabbed Group Of Widgets With Animated Scroll In WordPress

A few months backs we have posted a list of Top 3 Tabbed Widget Plugins. In this tutorial we will be showing you the usage of a new awesome tabbed widget which is very much different from last three tabbed widget. Widgets In Tabs can group any number of widgets into one tabbed [...]

How To Use Dreamstime Stock Photos Right From WordPress Add Media Thickbox?

Earlier we have posed a tutorial on searching and inserting free creative commons images directly from add new/edit post pages in WordPress. Now this tutorial is about inserting dreamstime stock images inside your WordPress blog posts, pages and other post type using same old ‘Add Media’ thick box. Dreamstime Stock Photos is a [...]

How To Instantly Preview Links Before Clicking Them On Internet?

How To Instantly Preview Links Before Clicking Them? 2

Now you can instantly preview any links on any website simply by hovering over to it. Works great for social media and networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, where you generally see new links and short URLs and don’t know here it is going to take you, special while searching topics on [...]

How To Create Short URLs Using Your Own Domain?

You can brand your website better on social media by creating your own customized short URLs. Your own Short URLs simply means you would be able to create short URLs with your own domain name. To start first Register a small domain name with us. is a free URL shortner service so sign up a account then login and click on the ‘Settings’ present on dropdown menu of your username. [...]

What Is A Custom Post Type And How To Create One In WordPress?

WordPress has the power to hold various types of content. An example of a single content is known as ‘Post’, although you should know that post is nothing but a specific post type present by default in WordPress just like ‘Page’ which is another kind of post type. In general post types provides [...]

What Is XML Sitemap And How To Create One For Your WordPress Website?

You must have noticed various old days websites offering a link (on homepage) titled as ‘Sitemap’. That link directs the visitor to a HTML page offering all important links present on that website. A sitemap generally contains a hierarchical or un-hierarchical list of all links but these days adding any sitemap link for [...]

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