WordPress Favicon And Favicon Generator Plugin

Today one of our reader mailed us asking how he can  add a favicon to his WordPress based website without using any plugin. It’s very easy, all you need to do is upload your favicon.ico file to your site’s root and that’s all, favicon automatically appears on your website. You don’t need any plugin for that.

But in-case you like controlling your website direct from your dashboard and you prefer a plugin for generating and adding favicons easily to your WordPress site then install and activate Favicon Generator plugin.

Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator plugin allows you to generate favicons for your website from images of other different formats likeJPG, PNG etc. All you need is upload an image and this plugin converts that image to a favicon supported file for using it as yourwebsite‘s favicon.  There are many different plugins available in WordPress Plugin Repository that lets you create and add favicons, like you may also give a try to All In One Favicon, another free plugin from WP Plugin Repo. One more plugin is there called Admin Customization, it allows you to add favicon via image URL and also provides various other features for customizing your WordPress admin area dashboard.

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