WordPress Ecommerce Gives You A Full-Featured Online Store You Can Manage Yourself

More businesses are coming online and the shift is working faster with the COVID-19 crisis. Today, selling online is not just a nice thing to have but now it is the necessity to survive in your business. The key components of your online selling business include your domain name, your eCommerce store website, your products, the shipping, and the payment method. You just need to have these five things and you can immediately start selling your products online.

Your Domain Name

This is your web address, simply register your full name or your business name as your domain. You may use the extension .com, .net, or go for your country-specific extension and there are many more extensions available such as .store which can be a good fit for your online selling business.

Your eCommerce Website

The eCommerce website is your online storefront which comes visible when your customers type your domain name in their web browser’s address bar or lands on your website from some search engine results page. Making an online store is easier with WordPress Ecommerce, you can do it for yourself or for others to build a new source of income. Once you have your domain name registered, simply subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce and its step-by-step process will take you to the admin panel of your website from where you can add your products, select a shipping and payment method to finally start selling your products online.

Your Products

Physical and digital products can be managed online right from your WordPress Ecommerce dashboard. If you are selling physical goods then you will also need to manage the tasks of storing and packaging your products for shipment. You can ship the packages directly from your home by subscribing a courier service, WordPress Ecommerce provides you API integration for shipping and courier services, you can also enable store pickup option to let your customers pick up their packages directly from your home or store, or if you are dealing in a small area as a local store then you may ship the packages yourself or hire someone personally for that.

Your Payment & Shipping Method

These can be managed from the admin panel of your website, simple payment methods such as pay on delivery, direct bank transfer are already available, you just need to activate them from WooCommerce → Settings page on the admin panel of your website whereas digital payment methods can be integrated with the help of API which can be obtained from the third party payment gateway service you have subscribed, many of the popular payment and shipping services already provide you plugins which you can easily install-activate on your WordPress Ecommerce website.

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