Why Choose Dedicated Server Over Web Hosting Plan?

A Dedicated Server is reserved exclusively for the account and usage of a single user.  Whereas web-hosting plans, put many client accounts on a single server, space is enough but RAM is limited and this poor downs the performance of websites as soon they start to become successful.

Users of dedicated server has exclusive rights to the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space; performance is not affected by traffic and usage patterns of other users.

All dedicated servers at SANGKRIT.net provides administrative access, this enables users to independently run or install anything virtually on the server.

What you can do with a dedicated server?

Successful websites are not hosted on shared hosting plans. Running your website on a dedicated server will keep it on track during its journey to success.

Dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies and individuals who want to be successful, want to run purposeful websites and are proactive in reaching their goals.

A dedicated server include enough bandwidth and disk space to host and manage multiple heavy-data websites from one server account. It is  powerful enough to run high-traffic websites or complex web & mobile applications and thus need a level of bandwidth, consistent performance, and flexibility typically not available on any hosting plan.

Dedicated servers are frequently used from successful personal blogs, websites to gaming servers, mobile apps and other utilities.

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