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Everyday Discover New Free, Discounted Apps At iTunes App Store

Appstore-discounts.com is a price tracker service that gives you a daily updated list of Free iPhone apps and drops in their price drops. Using its everyday updated list you can keep yourself informed whenever any App price drops.

Get Everyday Updated List Of Free & Discounted Apps:

There are some that become free and some becomes available at a lower cost, all from the App Store. Appstore-discounts.com everyday collects data on all new free & dropped price apps from various and provides you all information in a list. All apps are available on the site for a limited time period, usually 1 to 2 days.

From the list when you click any application, the website directs you iTunes app store where you can download and install the app directly on your Apple iOs device.

You Can Track App Price Drops & Get Email Notifications:

Another useful feature of this web service is that it also provides you feature for tracking an application price and receive an email notification as soon as tracked application price drops. This way you can easily keep an eye on price of applications you are planning to purchase.

You can download App Store Discounts bookmarklets for Chrome AppChrome App& iPad AppChrome App

New Formilla Free Live Chat App For WordPress

Formilla.com provides you a free live chat widget plugin called Formilla Live Chat, it allows you to chat with your website visitors, your visitors can ask any questions if they have or when they need any support. It provides you a new clean and user-friendly interface. Core plugin features of the plugin allows you to:

  • Begin live chat immediately. Live chat button appears on your WordPress site upon installation/activation of this plugin.
  • You can use your favorite live chat client as long as it works with Google Talk (e.g. Pidgin, Trillian, IMO, etc.) or Skype
  • You can respond to chats on the go using your iPhone, Android, or any smart phone live chat client supporting Google Talk or Skype.
  • Enable proactive chat, provides you multiple customizations, ability to setup your hours of operation, appear available or unavailable.
  •  You can add multiple users and support incoming live chats from your customers, displays an ‘Email us’ button on your site when you’re offline. And you can manage offline messages through customer inbox.
  • Keep chat history and offline emails, search from your live chat history or offline emails by customer email address, priority, status (new, read, pending, complete), flagged vs. unflagged, and also assign an item to another user of your Formilla.com Live Chat account.
  • Export your customers’ live chat email addresses to construct email marketing campaigns via your preferred tool.
  • Respond to offline email submissions directly from the Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox.
  • Forward offline email submissions from your customers to other departments or staff directly from the Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox.
  • Add private comments to any live chat historical record in your Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox
  • Inbox includes the customer’s technical details such as operating system, browser, screen resolution, custom variables, etc.

How To SetUp Formilla Live Chat Plugin In WordPress?

Start by installing and activating Formilla Live Chat plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Formilla Chat and SignUp using the form given there. It just takes some minutes to setup your first live chat widget and get it on and running. After you finish registration process, your live chat widget is instantly generated and becomes available on your website for your customers to chat with you.

Formilla Live Chat page integrated within wordpress where you’ll receive and respond to chats.

Chat widget installed on your wordpress site upon activation of Formilla.com Live Chat plugin.

Chat Customer Inbox. View chat history, search and respond to offline email submissions, etc.

Configure options for your chat widget such as proactive chat, hours of operation, and email notifications.

For further usage questions refer to this link.

WordPress Mobile Previewer & Responsive Test Plugin

Wallmander&Co created an awesome new WordPress plugin that allow you to instantly check your website and all its pages in different screen resolutions like 320×480, 768×1024, 1024×768. You can instantly perform responsive test of your WordPress site and see how your website looks like in small screen devices like smartphones and tablets etc.

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Automatically Reformat WordPress Content Optimized For Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & Android Viewing

iWPhone is the new WordPress plugin that enables a mobile theme and reformats your WordPress based site content for better optimized viewing on Apple’s iPhoe, iPod touch and also Android devices. The plugin automatically detects the device and shows up your content in a cool mobile theme.

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New Responsive WP Smart Mobile Theme For WordPress

WPSmart Mobile is the brand new responsive mobile theme plugin that automatically gets your WordPress website mobile-ready using a beautiful theme that automatically adjusts layout depending on the device like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone etc.

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