Search & Insert Creative Commons Photos Right From Add New Post Screen In WordPress

Now you can easily insert creative commons images right from your add new post page and other custom post types. WP Inject is awesome WordPress plugin that lets you insert images your blog posts, you can search images add new & edit contnet screens without any page reload, it works very beautifully and makes things much easier for the bloggers.

How To Use WP Unject Plugin?

Install and activate WP Inject plugin. After activation visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page, scroll a little bit down and you will see WP Inject metabox showing a search field and button.

Now all you have to do is, while writing any post simply search the related keywords in this metabox and the plugin will display the image results. Hovering over any image shows its enlarged size with links to make the image featured or insert it inside your post (by clicking the image dimension). It works very fast and its very easy to use.

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Options & Features:

The plugin also provides you a options page: Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Inject from where you can set licence, default image align, featured image size and more:

  • Search thousands of creative commons photos and include any into your posts.
  • Fast and easy: Inserting images takes 3 clicks and less than a minute!
  • Automatically adds the required attribution links next to the image.
  • Set the featured image for your post with a single click.
  • Insert multiple images at once and create whole galleries!
  • Choose between several image sizes easily.
  • Modify the templates of WP Inject to change how images get displayed in your posts.
  • Images are saved to your own server and added to the WordPress media library.
  • Automatically populated ALT and title tags of the image for search engine optimization.
  • Search for many different keywords and compare the results to find the best matches.


Photo by Giuli-O

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