How To Setup VPS Or Dedicated Server (WHM & cPanel)?

WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It enables you to manage most web hosting functions from your VPS or Dedicated Server. All you have is one instance of it as it will manage almost all of the software that supports your server, including creation of cPanel accounts, assigning packages and resource quota etc.

cPanel is Linux control panel that allows a user to manage his websites. One can have many instances of cPanel on his VPS or Dedicated Server; one for each account that you create from WHM.

Start by logging into your Account Manager and then follow these steps:

  1. Click Servers tab.
  2. Next to the account you want to use, click Launch.
  3. From the management interface, next to cPanel Site, click Manage Server (WHM).
  4. Proceed past any security warnings you receive.
  5. Click Account Functions
  6. Click Create a New Account
  7. Now, complete all of these fields, and then click Create
  8. Now WebHost Manager will display you a results page outlining your new Account. If there are no errors, WHM will display Account Creation Complete!!! at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking Create new account option under account function sidebar tab of WHM Cpanel, you will have to enter the details of your new domain in Domain information and note that same username and password will be used to access your new cPanel.

Another useful option you may use here is Package. By setting up a package you can limit the resource usage quota for any cPanel website hosting account.

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