Run A Completely Private WordPress Website

Earlier we discussed about hiding your WordPress site on Internet. We also posted a tutorial on Top 4 Plugins For Hiding Your Whole WordPress Site Or Selected Features. WordPress already allows you to keep certain posts, pages or post types private and password protected, the option is present on ‘Publish’ meta box of post editing page. In this tutorial we will show you running a completely private website with WordPress.

Install and activate Private Only plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Private Only Custom Login settings page and you may define a public page if you don’t want your visitors from getting auto-redirected to the login page.

Private WordPress 1

OR simply direct them to login page. You can replace default WP login logo with you own by uploading an image on WordPress Media Library or via FTP and pasting its URL on this plugin’s settings page, see the given screenshot.

How to upload and get use image URL? Navigate to Dashboard -> Media -> Add New page, click ‘Upload’ button. Upload an image and click ‘Edit’ button. Copy the file URL present on the right side of the page in ‘Save’ metabox.

After adding your logo image URL, tick ‘Use WordPress logo‘ option to enable custom WordPress logo.

Private WordPress 2

Other options allows you to change WordPress logo link from default to something else like etc. You can also hide Lost Password text & Back to Blog link from login form etc.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite installations. If you are running a multisite network then network activate this plugin and then you can make any website private by visiting its dashboard and following same (above) steps.

If you just want to discourage search engines from indexing your website content and showing them in search results the you can easily do that also using default WordPress feautue. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading page and tick the checkbox ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’.

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