How To Merge, Swap And Bulk Edit Tags, Categories, Custom Taxonomies In WordPress ?

Not all bloggers are professional but after some time when they get accidently famous and blogging topic becomes clear in their mind then what they want to do is clean out and merge unnecessary tags and categories they have created. Conditions varies from blogger to blogger but what actually we are discussing here is how you can easily merge tags, categories and custom taxonomies in bulk.

So if you are looking for an easy method to reorganize your tags and categories by merging terms, set term parents in bulk, and swap term taxonomies then install and activate Term Management Tools plugin. After activation you can start managing your tags, categories and other taxonomies direct from their pages, For example: for managing category you have to visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories page and for tags you have to visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Tags page, follow same process for other custom taxonomies if you have created.

It adds two new options in the Bulk Actions dropdown on term management pages of your tags, categories and custom taxonomies. Options are:

  1. Merge – You can combine two or more terms into one
  2. Change taxonomy – You can convert terms from one taxonomy to another.
  3. Set parent – You can set parent for one or more terms (for hierarchical taxonomies)

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