How To Hide Your WordPress Site On Internet (From Visitors, Bots & Search Engines Etc) Using A Common Password ?

You can completely hide your website content, everything else and show a password protection page to everyone on internet including bots and search engines etc. Hide My Site is a new powerful WordPress plugin that enables a password protection page and netizens can only visit your blog if they know the correct password required for opening your WordPress site.

Installation & Usage: The plugin is easy to install and setup. Simply install and activate Hide My Site. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Hide My Site and enter the password for locking your website, save the settings and you are done.

Now everyone trying to access your website will notice a page showing that the site is protected and asking to enter the password for accessing the website. You can share this common password with your friends etc whom you want to access the frontend of your website for reading and commenting.

Another good feature the plugin provides you is duration. You can set Duration (in days) for setting up the number of days you want the user to stay logged in.

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