How To Embed PDF As Flipbook In WordPress?

A flipbook on web is a kind of embed that allows the reader to turn pages on embedded PDF or any other file type and also jump directly to other pages from preview bar. This is considered as an easy way to read long PDF documents and books online on websites.

These flipbooks has nothing to do with traditional non-digital flick books where a series of pictures vary gradually from one page to the next which on rapid turning appears to animate.

Embedding any PDF file as Flipbook in WordPress post, page or custom post type is easy. All you have to do is install Flowpaper Lite plugin then use a simple shortcode with URL of the PDF which you want to embed as a Flipbook on your website.

The plugin is easy to use and works even with PDFs hosted on other servers or linked to other websites.

Embedding PDF As Flipbook

Start by installing and activating Flowpaper Lite plugin on your WordPress website. Once activated, all you got to do is use the following shortcode

[flipbook pdf=”http://full-url/document.pdf”]

replacing the PDF’s URL (“http://full-url/document.pdf”) to the URL of PDF file you want to display.

If you have your own PDF file then first upload it to WordPress media library then copy the file URL to use it in the given shortcode, simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Media -> Add New link in the left panel
  2. Upload your PDF document then click on the uploaded PDF document to select it and copy the URL of the PDF file
  3. Now create a new post and add the shortcode [flipbook pdf=”http://full-url/document.pdf”] to your post. Update the URL in the shortcode to the URL you copied from your media library
  4. You can do same also from ‘Add Media’ button on post edit screen

FlowPaper is basically a web PDF viewer tool that uses some technologies to bring PDF documents to the web in user-friendly ways and formats.

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