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Serious Players Startup Only Seriously

Three things actually determine whether anything could seriously become your business.

1. Do you love doing what you do?

First of all you must ask yourself whether you love what you are planning doing for the rest of your life? So that your business could get judged at last as your lifetime achievement although that can happen only when this inspires your lifelong engagement.

Any chances to leave things midway are minimised once you truly love doing what you do. That is how your lifelong commitment matters most in determining if anything is seriously your business.

2. Do you adeqautely disrupt by doing so?

Secondly Sangkrit teaches you to start-up only if your idea of doing business adequately disrupts. As per his algorithm, up to the level, your idea can disrupt, determines the total sum of your scope to succeed as a startup.

That is how any serious people play their game to monopolise any particular human behaviour.

3. Did you startup on a dedicated server?

Finally when you are serious enough with your idea of doing business, you must start with a dedicated server and nothing less along with buying bulk domains in your bid for owning all possible extensions of your business domain globally because that is how this works best for monopolising any particular human behaviour as that is called a serious business.

Mediocres, who are not even sure about starting with a dedicated server, mostly fail on the internet contrary to the domainers starting on a dedicated server since any serious players startup only seriously.

Make Server Grid Selling Like Power Grids

Physically colocating a server by the end-user is costlier and loses a lot of money in the long run whereas leasing a dedicated server from on monthly or annual subscription, proves much better and cheaper as technology is upgraded from time to time and physical servers are also changed regularly without charging any extra cost to the end-user.

Being a people’s personal outlet, you should focus upon helping businesses migrate into leased dedicated servers in remote clouds as that is the way of establishing and running any business in the internet age. Doing so you are most likely to get hired for administering that as well.

You ought to make server grid selling like power grids. Pursuing that on a daily basis would help you utmost to make the most wonderful living for your family.

The time has come when colocating physical server by the end-users should become obsolete the way establishing private electricity generators by the end-users did become a long time back.

Importing MySQL Databases Via SSH Command Line On Self Managed Servers not only offers you Managed and Fully Managed servers but it also lets you subscribe self-managed server option which is only recommended for command line experts. Because self-managed servers are without a control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, or Simple Control Panel.

These self-managed servers do not have phpMyAdmin installed which is used for managing MySQL databases. So in order to manage databases, you are required to use the SSH command line to import .SQL backup files.

This post guides you through importing MySQL databases via SSH.

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Common Website Issues That Won’t Happen On Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers can be compared to owning a house. It provides you access to all available resources. No other websites resides on your server so you get complete control with better performance and security.

In this lesson we are discussing about the issues which are very common on shared hosting plans but won’t happen on Dedicated Servers.

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10 Facts About Dedicated Server That Makes It An Ultimate Choice For Startups

Dedicated Server provides you the resources, functions and capabilities of one entire server, which is shared with no one else. Hence you will always have enough memory, bandwidth and resources to handle exponential amounts of traffic, processing and scripts. It is more reliable and secure than shared hosting plans.

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Why Choose Dedicated Server Over Web Hosting Plan?

A Dedicated Server is reserved exclusively for the account and usage of a single user.  Whereas web-hosting plans, put many client accounts on a single server, space is enough but RAM is limited and this poor downs the performance of websites as soon they start to become successful.

Users of dedicated server has exclusive rights to the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space; performance is not affected by traffic and usage patterns of other users.

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Difference Between cPanel And WHM (WebHost Manager)

Linux VPS or Dedicated Server provides you WHM to manage your website hosting accounts but when you are very new to these systems, you might get a little confused likewise WHM allows you to host multiple websites on different domains but that’s what cPanel can also do at the same time. So what is the difference?

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How To Setup VPS Or Dedicated Server (WHM & cPanel)?

WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It enables you to manage most web hosting functions from your VPS or Dedicated Server. All you have is one instance of it as it will manage almost all of the software that supports your server, including creation of cPanel accounts, assigning packages and resource quota etc.

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How To Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) On cPanel?

A CSR or Certificate Signing request is a block of encrypted text generated on the server that the SSL certificate will be used on. It contains all important information to be included in your SSL certificate, information comprises of your common name (i.e. domain name), locality and country etc.

cPanel provides you a built-in feature to generate CSR code to use for sending certificate signing request and get your SSL configuration settings ready to work on your website’s domain.

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