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Moving WordPress To A New Location On The Same Server

If you need help in moving your WordPress blog to another location within your server then this tutorial is for you. If you need something else related to this then you may request that article by replying here.

  • Create new directory.
  • Copy all your WordPress core file to that directory.
  • WordPress core files mean all those files in root directory of your WordPress blog.
  • Login to your WordPress blog.
  • Move to Dashboard.
  • Move to Settings > General panel.
  • In the text box: WordPress address URL,  replace the address to the new location of your main WordPress directory.
  • In the text box: Site address URL, change the address to the new location.
  • Click Save but don’t try to open your blog now.
  • Now move all your core WordPress files including sub-directories to new location.
  • If you use Permalinks, move to the Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks panel and update your Permalink structure to your.htaccess file.
  • Remember: .htaccess file lies in the root directory of your WordPress blog.
  • Existing image/media links uploaded media will refer to the old folder and must be updated with the new location. Do this with the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin, or with a search and replace tool, or do it manually in your SQL database if can. If you feel any problem then feel free to ask me here.
  • Update ‘store uploads folder’ under Settings > Media or all your new uploads will continue to go into the old folder.
  • Update your menus link from Appearance > Menus.

Best WordPress Plugin On Chat, Cache, Feed Syndication, Page Navigation & Sharing

Best Chat Plugin: Envolve Chat

Envolve chat is a customizable chat toolbar for your website.

Download Evolve Chat

Best Cache Plugin: W3 Total Cache

Improve site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

Download W3 Total Cache

Best Plugin To Syndicate Feeds to Post: FeedWordPress

FeedWordPress is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress. It syndicates content from feeds that you choose into your WordPress weblog; the content it syndicates appears as a series of special posts in your WordPress posts database.

Download FeedWordpress

Best Sharing Plugin: Shareholic

Adds an attractive social bookmarking menu and related content widget to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of the three.

Download Shareholic

Best Page Navigation Plugin: WP-PageNavi

Replaces Older Posts & Newer Posts with more advanced paging navigation interface of page numbers.

Download WP-PageNavi

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