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Taxation Is Itself Erratic And Exemptions Make It Further Irrational

All old fashioned taxation, across all the countries, is reminiscent of the origin of state, which has been the beginning of systematic extortion by the most organized crimes. We just cannot let it occur to us forever.  Continue reading Taxation Is Itself Erratic And Exemptions Make It Further Irrational

The Money Must Get Digitized The Way Bitcoins Work

Most conveniently the Noble Prize was never given for the greatest ever invention in the history of humanity that has been the invention of internet protocol. But it is given for formulating the ways to tax its unprecedented outcome as internet monopolies, which do not harm the humanity the way states have done.  Continue reading The Money Must Get Digitized The Way Bitcoins Work

Next World War Of Sovereignty Could Get Waged By Private Ownership Of Domains To Protect Their Users’ Privacy From Surveillance By States

anonymous-truthSince the internet protocol has made the situation irreversible, the world is gradually changing in a peer-to-peer manner. States cannot be defending their sovereign rights anymore since individual freedom is getting much more demanding everywhere.

Sovereign concerns like protecting the interests of subjects are increasingly seen safe with private ownership of domains instead of so-called sovereign states. Old world is gearing up fast for general disorder by repeatedly disrespecting their duty to sovereignty of states.

Next world war of sovereignty could get waged by private ownership of domains to protect their users’ social privacy from surveillance by states. They do not require an arsenal to do so. Already they have an invincible army of anonymous hackers doing so, which they can increasingly support as per the strength they wield in the numbers of their users.

Still there are less domains registered and more humans born on planet earth but things will significantly change with the expansion of internet. Registering a domain matters most for creating wealth in webspace. People across all time zones will learn it in a matter of time. Thereafter the force will become forever with the private owners of domain on planet earth. It is no small thing happening around.