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Best Plugin For Auto Tweeting Your WordPress Blog Posts

Tweetily – Tweet Your Posts Automatically! is the best plugin for auto tweeting your WordPress posts. Easy to install, easy to connect with twitter, automatically promotes your posts and pages on Twitter, keep your content alive and drive traffic to your site. Works better than Tweet Old Post Plugin. Set it and forget it!

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How To Post From Twitter To WordPress ?

You can easily post your Tweets as individual WordPress posts. Twitter Tools was the famous WordPress Plugin for doing this but now its outdated. It was having certain limitations like you can add one Twitter account on one site not one account per author. Another thing was that it prompts you to create Twitter app and you need to do lot of configuration settings before using this  plugin.

So here I am discussing about a different plugin that post Tweets as WordPress posts in an easy way. It is the most easiest plugin for doing this. If you post more to Twitter and want your Tweets automatically appear in your WordPress blog as individual blog posts under specific categories like Tweets, Twitter Updates, News, Status etc then First thing you need to do is download and activate this Tweet As Posts Plugin.

After you complete with installation, follow theses steps:

  1. Visit Your Dashboard->Settings->Tweet As Posts.
  2. Enter Hashtag(s) in which you post more. Its all up to you which Hashtag you choose.
  3. Enter your Twitter username.
  4. Check the option Add Tweets as Posts.
  5. Select Post Category in which you want your Tweets to apppear.
  6. Select the default author for your Tweets.