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Quartz’s Innovative News App With Interactive Chat Bulletin

Quartz has designed a whole new way of delivering news via chat. It works like live conversation of news, very much like chatting where they send you text message, images, files and links and puts you in complete control to decide what you like to read and when you like to read more. If you find any topic interesting, simply tap to continue.

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Receive Google Alerts As SMS On Your Smartphone

Google Alerts is an online to tool to monitor world wide web for any interesting new content filtered by some keywords or category.

Earlier we have discussed about using Google Alerts to receive latest news updates from your niche and how it is useful to overcome lack of new ideas in writing.

But default Google Alerts functionality only allows you to create email alerts or generate RSS feed. In this lesson you will learn about receiving Google Alerts via SMS on your smartphone for free.

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New Responsive WP Smart Mobile Theme For WordPress

WPSmart Mobile is the brand new responsive mobile theme plugin that automatically gets your WordPress website mobile-ready using a beautiful theme that automatically adjusts layout depending on the device like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone etc.

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How To Enable Smartphone Support For WordPress Admin Area Dashboard ?

There are many different themes that automatically makes the frontend of your WordPress site mobile compatible but the problem comes with backend i.e., while accessing admin area dashboard from a smartphone device. This tutorial is on a simple plugin called Juiz Smart Mobile Admin, it offers you a smartphone support for your admin area dashboard.

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Quickly Send Links & Other Content From Google Chrome To Your Android Device

Sometimes while web-browsing when you find any useful mobile app or any other link then what normally you do is type that big link in your mobile browser and then you bookmark or open it. In this tutorial we are discussing about a Google Chrome app which makes this thing very easy.

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Free Ultimate Mobile Pack Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Make your WordPress site mobile friendly so that your visitors from most popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre/Pixi and BlackBerry OS6 etc browse your site easily on their devices. Now no need to check each mobile plugin present in the WordPress Plugin Repository because here are the best plugins that convert your normal WordPress site in to a handset friendly site. Each plugin mentioned here has its own importance and unique features. If you also know about any cool mobile plugin for WordPress then feel free to mention it here.

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Automatically Provide Most Approriate Image To Your WordPress Site Visitors Depending Upon Content Width

Speed Up Your WordPress Site By Generating Resized Images For Content Area According To Content Width.

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Tablets And Smartphone Running Latest Version Of Android

Google released the new updated distribution chart for Android platform. Following table information is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on the data collection date as mentioned below:



API Level


















2.3 – 2.3.2




2.3.3 – 2.3.7












4.0 – 4.0.2

Ice Cream Sandwich



4.0.3 – 4.0.4

Ice Cream Sandwich




Jelly Bean



Historical Data

Screen Sizes and Densities



Open GL Version

Google Introduced Handwrite For Mobile And Tablet Search. Now Use Your Fingers To Search The Web

Google Handwrite is a new way for searching web by using your finger to write and search in your smartphone. After voice search now Google introduced new search feature Handwrite. It enables you to search anything anywhere by writing letters by moving your finger on the screen not by typing from keypad.

Start using Google Handwrite:

  1. Go to Google.Com in your mobile browser.
  2. Tap on Settings persent at the bottom of your screen .
  3. Enable Handwrite

Whereas in tablets, Search settings are available as an option behind the gear icon. As you can see in the folowing image:

After you enable Handwrite feature:

  1. Activate writing surface by tapping Handwrite icon present at bottom right corner of your screen
  2. You will be noticing search autocomplete below your search box as you type a few words.
  3. If you find any option appropriate then tapp it to search or continue your writing for longer queries.
  4. Use arrows (present next to the autocompletions) for moving the right option into the search box.

We designed Handwrite to complement rather than replace typing: with the feature enabled, you can still use the keyboard at any time by tapping on the search box. Handwrite is experimental, and works better in some browsers than others—on Android devices, it works best in Chrome. For now, we’ve enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets—in 27 languages.



  • Check Writing Tips for Google Handwrite here.
  • Visit Google Help Center article for more information about Google Handwrite.

10 Android Apps That Bloggers Should Have

1. WordPress

WordPress App for Android is available at Google Play Store. Using this App bloggers can maintain their blogs from their Android Device. This App is useful for both self-hosted blogs and blogs hosted on wordpress.com

Download WordPress App

2. Tumblr

If you maintain a Tumblr micro-blog then you should try this App. Using this app you can post content, read and write messages, schedule post activity, manage multiple Tumblr blogs and view contacts of Tumblr blogs in your address book etc.

Download Tumblr App

3. Google Drive

It helps you to store all kinds of documents, audio, video, images, pdf etc in cloud and also sync all documents across multiple devices connected to your Google account.

Download Google Drive App for Android

4. Blogger

Try this App if you blog on Blogger. Functionality of this app is still very limited as compared to the WordPress App.

Download Blogger App

5. Writer

Writer is a simple text processor that provides you distraction-free writing environment on your smartphone which is very useful while writing long posts.

Download Writer App

6. Disqus

Disqus commenting system for WordPress is getting very popular these days because its integrated community features brings people back and keep them engaged. Using this App you can access all commenting features of you blog from your smartphone.

 Download Disqus App

7. Tape A Talk

Tape A Talk is a voice recorder App. Bloggers use this App for recording interviews etc. This App can upload audio-recording to many online services and blogs.

Download Tape-A-Talk App

8. GAnalytics

GAnalytics is mobile version of Google’s famous service ‘Google Analytics’. This App gives a good account of your blog traffic, usage statistics and bounce rates etc.

Download GAnalytics App

9. Flipboard

Flipboard allows you to open Facebook, Twitter and Google+ streams. Using this App you can browse your blog’s Facebook Page, social news, comments etc

Download Flipboard App

10. Photo Editor

Using this App you can crop, edit, resize, add effects, texts and drawings to your photos before posting them to your blog.

Download Photo Editor