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Shardul Pandey Talks To Jason Shah, Founder of DO.com

Jason Shah is founder & CEO of DO.com that helps netizens run productive meetings. The application provides a private cloud for each meeting – the files, realtime and collaborative notes, private notes, followups, outcomes, and more all live in one ultimate, reliable, secure place.

One can set an agenda to let others know what the meeting is all about. Meetings can be related to one another in order to increase continuity in work. It also allows you to search meetings, have the notes automatically sent out when meetings end.

On mobile, user can quickly email other participants, schedule a followup, or jot down important notes connected to the meeting.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Zoe Jay

I come from Scotland. I live in Los Angeles since 2007 and I manage a music studio. Back in the UK I was a type of lawyer. I am married, and have three dogs and no kids. I am a part-time model, musician, and writer. I practice in various martial arts. I’ve been modelling since 2004.

I’m into martial arts, cars, music, literature, photography, growing vegetables, hiking, and having a damn good time.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Brittany Mason

I am from a small farm town in middle America, so I guess you could call me the all American girl with big dreams.  At a young age I became very motivated, I had a difficult upbringing but I always would day dream of the life I wanted to one day have. I started setting goals at a young age and working towards them. At the age of 16 I signed with my first modeling agency and moved to NYC. Later that year I competed in teen pageants and won Miss Teen Indiana. I competed at nationals and won America’s Southern Teen, after winning nationals I represented the USA at Top Model of the World in Germany against 52 countries. I came in 2nd place, at this time I was only 17. My life changed in a big way in a very short time. That is how my career began. Since then I have traveled the world working as a model, to places like London, Paris, Milano, and more. I feel so blessed to be living the life I always dreamed of. I believe in community service and giving back so I started a movement called I AM POSSIBLE. My message with I AM POSSIBLE is that no dream is out of reach, I work with students on character building, and building better communities. I encourage them to use their voice and hope to empower the next generation so they understand that nothing is impossible, the word it’s self says “I’m Possible”

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Rebekah Maree

I recently just completed my studies as student at Otago University with double major Commerce and Design. Within my time at University I also acquired a scholarship and completed my degree with high grades. Education is super important to me, I love learning new things, knowledge is power. Whilst working in customer service, I’m also part time modelling & signed to a modelling agency here in Dunedin, NZ ICAN models & talent – specializing in photographic, commerical, fashion, swimwear. Recently competed in Miss Universe New Zealand Dunedin and selected into the top 10 2014.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Helena Asgard

Hello, my model alias is Helena Asgard. I am a student at Faculty of Health Studies in Croatia, in my free time working as an alternative model. Modeling was actually not something that I was thinking about, it just happened. I went to a concert of my favourite Croatian band Kryn, enjoying the music, dancing, and the women came to me and said she represents a company that has a photographic project I would be perfect for. So I went there, I did it, and I liked it, and finally continued with it, and now I’m here :)

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Rikki Lynn

RikkiLynn is a model from Bellaire, Ohio, who began her modeling career about six months ago. She currently resides in St Clairsville, Ohio. RikkiLynn is 35 years old and a mother of three children. She volunteers extensivley in their school district and in the community. She loves helping with the local Soapbox Derby that her children participate in and even have won. While RikkiLynn spent many years Tending bar to support her family, she took on modeling this year as a new adventure.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Nina Ernst

My Name is Nina and i live in south Germany. My learned profession is office clerk but for now my main job is photo model and actress. How I came to be a photomodel? In the end of summer 2011 i have been started to work as fotomodel. It was not my own idea, my boyfriend and since August 2013 my husband has ordered an holiday photographer to do some holiday pictures of us and me.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Alana Hayes

I am a down to earth girl who just loves having my picture taken, not only that I love taking photos. Live and breathe photography and creating art even. I am born in Melbourne but have a German/English background. I enjoy my sports since I was 5 years old no matter what it is I can pick it up straight away, love swimming, tennis, soccer, rollerblading, boxing, trampolen and dancing. Love to laugh and always love meeting like minded people and making everyone I meet enjoy my company and make them laugh. I live by the quote “Live life to the Max” since I was 14 and have met the famous Tony Robbins. Work hard at your dreams and they will come true. :) Give it all you got.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Olga Devignat

My name Olga deVignat, im 35 years old. Originally from Lithuania but for last 14 years living in Ireland. I am mom of 2 boys, have own business and also part time model. I modelling started few years ago so I modelling for more lime hobby. At present I am Mrs Ireland 2014 and 2nd runner up at Top Model UK 2014. I have busy life but I enjoy every moment of it.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Stefi Susanna

I welcome you Stefi at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

I used to work at a small local alternative clothes store. That was a great environment to get to see and try out many different kinds of alternative clothing. During my time there I grew to love this type of clothing and after several years of finding my own style I decided I wanted to try out some modelling. I am especially fond of PVC and latex, and those have been central themes in my previous photoshoots (and hopefully in the future too). Quite easily I found several photographers who were interested in working with me, and basically that is where I am now. I had enough photo shoots to found my own social media site (Facebook only so far), and I feel that it has gotten a really good start already too. I’m very much looking forward to whatever new modelling opportunities the internet social networking may bring! It will take some time of course, but I’m actively updating new photos and promoting myself to all the suitable directions. I should mention also that I am participating in an alternative modelling competition here in Helsinki, called Rock Model of the Year 2014. I am in the semifinals, the finals are coming up shortly and I’m really excited about that.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Désirée Wilfert

My name is Désirée Wilfert, I am 25 years old and I work as a Tattoomodel for the Austrian model agency TattooModels.at since September 2013. Everything has begun when I decided to ask a photographer to make some professional pictures of me for private use, but then I realized that I didn´t only want to do this for fun but also professionally.

Then I discovered TattooModels. This model agency was the perfect choice for me, because they do not only work with professional models, who already did a lot of jobs, but also with people like me, who want to learn how to do modeling professionally, as they often prefer people with character and charisma than “size zero”.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Prashant Sharma, Founder Of First Personality, Chain Of Franchised Personality Development Centres

PRASHANT SHARMAI welcome you Prashant at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

I used to be a very shy student and hated public speaking. I had great fear of elocution and had stage fright. I was very hesitant when dealing with the opposite sex and had few friends. However, in my second year of college my mother enrolled me in the prestigious Nazareth’s Speakers Academy, Mumbai, where I excelled due to the excellent training and guidance of the trainers and obtained a First Prize Diploma in Public Speaking. I then did my B.com from the Sydenham College, Mumbai. Upon completion of my Masters in Hospitality Management from the University of Massachusetts, USA, I returned to India to be part of the Indian post-liberalization story. Exciting times! My first job with the Taj Group of Hotels as Lobby Manager, which made me realize the disparity between the soft skills of the average Indian vis-a-vis the people in the West. This is because our education system is text book based on rote learning, whereas the education in the USA was so much more practical and presentation based. That’s why we Indians lack soft skills, especially public speaking skills.

I predicted that this lack of communication skills, specifically- speaking skills would be a great hindrance to the employability of our Indian graduates and soon founded a company called The Winners Group in 1996, a personality development training company. This laid the foundation for what today is known as First Personality. I conducted my first training program over seventeen years ago when I was invited by the New Delhi YMCA to lead a course of Public Speaking and Effective Communication. The Times of India too has recognised this achievement.

With over 18 years experience as an edupreneur, facilitator, master of ceremonies and motivator, I have extensive expertise in mentoring leaders, inspiring professionals and helping people realize their true potential.

Recognizing that individuals of all ages in Tier II, III and IV cities around the country have no options to develop their soft skills or access to good training, I am currently setting up a chain of affordable, high quality soft skills training centres for the masses around the country, the first of which opened in Kanpur in July 2013. Currently we have centres in Gurgaon, Kanpur and Meerut and more franchised centres are in the offing.

Tell us more about firstpersonality.com? How it works?

We believe that the ability to impress and influence others is not in-born. This ability can be acquired by developing soft skills which are the foundation for Personality Development. Softs kills like all skills are imparted by us through our organized training coupled with practice. No boring theory! No wasted time. Our proven training modules coupled with practice will enable you to develop a dynamic Personality. You will learn to influence others with ease, confidence and poise. It doesn’t matter which language you are comfortable with. In our programs, people from all vocations and all ages can be trained to acquire soft skills in any setting: whether academic, social or professional. What you learn, you apply immediately, and keep for Life ! It’s a fact that soft skills contribute 85% to a person’s success. Technical skills contribute only 15%! We help you acquire these all-important soft skills to positively change your life!

How masses can join-in your training program?

We have programs for everyone and everybody. But instead of a `one-size-fits-all’ approach, we have specialized, structured, short term courses which are customized for each target market and segment. This ensures that the programs are relevant without wastage of time or money. Our programs are:

Program Name Nature Target Group
Life Success -Main Advance Personality Development Program: Age 17-22 years
Life Success -Foundation Basic Personality Development Program: Age 17-22 years
Campus Champ Employability – College Program Graduates
First Step-Little Champs School Program Class I to V
First Step-Young Dynamos School Program Class VI to VIII
First Step-Seniors School Program Class IX to XII
Super Step- Little Champs After School Program Class I to V
Super Step- Young Dynamos After School Program Class VI to VIII
Super Step- Seniors After School Program Class IX to XII
Winners Camp- Little Champs Vacation Program Class I to V
Winners Camp- Young Dynamos Vacation Program Class VI to VIII
Winners Camp- Seniors Vacation Program Class IX to XII
Pinnacle Corporate-First Corporate Training Junior Executives
Pinnacle Corporate-Pro Corporate Training Managers
Pinnacle Corporate-Board Corporate Training Senior Managers
First Achiever Corporate Training Employers & Entrepreneurs
Perfect Diva Finishing School Ladies & Housewives
Platinum Alliance Finishing School Prospective brides & bridegrooms
English First-Basic English – Basic Anyone
English First-Intermediate English – Intermediate Anyone
English First-Advanced English – Advance Anyone
Speak Easy Public Speaking Anyone

How did you come with its concept? How exactly your idea sparked to register firstpersonality.com and what is the story behind your domain name?

Currently, anyone wishing to improve their soft skills has no choice. They end up going to the sub-standard neighbourhood English speaking institutes who fleece them giving them false promises. Neither their English improves nor their personalities. That’s when I realized that there was a need to bring organized, good quality soft skills training to the masses, which they could use to get ahead in their lives. Courses that people of similar age groups and experiences could take together in a fun-filled, interactive environment by experienced, trained faculty.

We wanted a name that accurately represented the hopes and aspirations of our target audience. Everyone wants to have a dynamic Personality that helps them get ahead and come First in life. Hence First Personality…

How many people got associated for working together on this project?

We take pride in the quality of our instruction and trainers !!! Our faculty and board of Trainers are mentors rather than teachers. These are people that students look upto as role models and consist only of people with at least 7 years+ work experience, corporate professionals and experienced entrepreneurs, armed forces young retirees and academic professionals. Only experts with impeccable spoken English and voice accent skills are chosen, as we believe in Training by Example. Every course has a faculty evaluation done by the participants and we take this evaluation very , very seriously.

How it will improve people’s lives?

Our Mission: First Personality aims to be the number one Personality Development Training Company in India by creating a vast pool of individuals equipped with the soft skills to face the challenges of a globalized economy. These soft skills will enable individuals to succeed by attaining multi-dimensional personalities and acquire life skills to better their lives and their professional careers.

What philosophy drives you doing this?

Our vision: We help people become confident personalities and leaders in their lives, by imparting the best Personality Development Training. We wish to build brand equity by imparting relevant, fun and real world training, so that the ultimate objective of franchising for a profit for all stakeholders can be realized.

What makes your endeavours unique?

At First Personality, our endeavour is simple. To impart corporate-level personality development training to the masses at prices they can afford. To bring soft skills to people who need it most, but don’t have access to corporate training or expensive trainers. Every First Personality centre will be standardized, have the same curriculum, same high quality of experienced faculty, and affordable, corporate level training facilities for students.

We have identified and tested the basic attributes and qualities of a successful personality. We have taken these and formulated a Personal Development Compass, which is used as a guide by the students in their path to leadership and success.

No boring theory! No wasted time! We believe that the training should affect the participant in such a way that it should not appear artificial or `put on’. That’s why we follow the LIFE model i.e. `Learning- Internalization-Feedback-Evaluation’ model, where the qualities and benefits obtained from the programs become part of the person’s basic nature.

Our Training is different from conventional language courses as it works on the assumption that:

  • All individuals have certain qualities wherein they can be trained to increase their Soft- verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Learning is more successful in an experiential format rather than the `chalk and talk’ –teacherstudent traditional method.
  • In this digital age, people are often working and living alone –in relative isolation. For e.g.. migrating away from their homes in search of better job opportunities elsewhere. When given an interactive training experience-whether Outdoor or In-class , a sense of adventure achievement, trust building & bonding develops. This leads to increased motivation and learning.
  • Our training enables people to have shared experiences that serve as important catalyst in their self-discovery process.
  • We have proven that significant, long-lasting learning can be achieved through an intensive, short-term experience.

How other netizens can help you in this regard ?

As education moves on-line and more and more people looking to the net for easy access, First Personality is also ready for the on-line instruction of their programs. The best part is that these soft skills are required by everyone, all age groups, across the world! That’s where our Indian and overseas franchisee based expansion plans fit in. We are looking to open Personality Development and Soft Skill centres all over and are looking for franchisee and expansion partnerships. We currently have centres in Gurgaon, Kanpur and Baroda (just opened). Meerut has been signed up and is scheduled to open within the next month.

Any future plans? Are you working on some other projects also ?

We have envisioned our future projects as Vision 2015:

Ø To have our courses authorized & certified by a reputed University in India. The process has already been initiated.

Ø To launch several job oriented programs that are more relevant to the industry demands & help promise 100% placements.

Ø To collaborate with agencies like NSDC and contribute in the skills development mission of India.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

It’s never too late for self improvement. Whatever you do, whatever your age is, don’t feel the time has passed to learn something new, to do something you have not done before. Each day is a new day and those who don’t spend at least 1 hour on self improvement and self help every day will left behind.