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Identifying An FTP Compromise & Protecting Your Website

There are some signs that your website’s been hacked, including the ones listed here but certainly not limited to:

  1. You find bad code inserted onto your website
  2. You find new files/directories with strange names on your hosting

However, there are many types of compromises, each of which has its own calling cards. They may include malicious injections where attackers can place code on your website that can contain malware or phishing content.

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Security Leads To Stagnation

Nobody should continue heading a government or representing a constituency beyond a single term for doing that efficiently.

The representative democracy has been the most accomodating system of governnance prior to the internet age. Now the time has come to move on into a direct democracy but till then the representation must not be made the rotten thing.

Politically the constitutional process is foremost. Still the political security leads to stagnation and the stagnation leads to decay, distorting the core constitutional process itself.

Birgitta has not become a candidate from her secure parliamentary seat, saying that security leads to stagnation. Birgitta Jonsdottir made an example that every sincere politician must be following.

In fact nobody should continue heading a government or representing a constituency beyond a single term for doing that efficiently.

Why you Should Subscribe SSL Certificate from SANGKRIT.net?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology to establish encryption between a client and a server. It allows sensitive information such as login credentials, user data, social security numbers and credit card information to be transmitted securely in encrypted form instead of plain text which leaves you vulnerable.

Now a days there are many websites that shows you partial encryption error and some displays no-encryption or un-trusted SSL warnings.

The reason is that the Google has not only considered SSL as an official ranking factor but is taking aggressive steps to protect users data and encouraging website owners to use a well configured SSL Certificate.

Google now blocks all un-trusted and badly configured SSL certificates and hence potentially millions of websites that use SSL certificates issued by various big and small companies, even Symantec could find that their certificates are going effectively worthless when Chrome is concerned.

So if your website is also showing the RED HTTPS or any SSL error then you must act now because this thing will not only stop clients from making transactions on your website but it will also stop them from accessing your website because now Google Chrome clearly displays the invalid certificate warning on each visit.

And the link to proceed to the webpage is hidden in the advanced link which is left unseen, even then netizens will think twice before accessing your website.

How to Remove SSL Warnings?

Use a well-configured SSL certificate, SSL configuration is not a one step process and hence you should know how to correctly configure an SSL certificate on your website.

Subscribe SSL from SANGKRIT.net and it will guide you with an step-by-step process of requesting, installing and configuring HTTPS on your website. If you want some expert to do it for you then you can buy online support from system@sangkrit.net.

What WordPress Should Do Next To Overcome Security Flaws?

WordPress is the most popular website designing and publishing platform written in PHP. It is becoming better from update to upgrade but there are some very important functions; Automattic (the company behind WordPress) must work out and provide its users in future updates.

Like all other online applications WordPress is also not 100% secure, it can easily be hacked if the user has not implemented any security functions on his website.

There are plugins, apps and online tools that enables you to increase the security of your WordPress site but they are packed with useless and heavy code causing unnecessary load on the resources of your website.

Don’t you think some important security features should be included in WordPress core to make it easier for netizens to secure their websites and save themselves from online threats.

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