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How To Activate & Deactivate Plugins Right From WordPress Admin Bar?

Sometimes, specially while working on client websites and when installing many plugins for testing purposes to see which one works best for you, it becomes very irritating to again and again visit plugins admin page for deactivating plugins. This tutorial is on a plugin that makes this job easy by enabling you to quickly toggle plugin activation status from the WordPress toolbar. Best for developers.

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Checking For Grammar & Spelling Mistakes In WordPress

Jetpack already provides you a module for After the Deadline proofreading service for improving your writing via artificial intelligence to find your errors and offer smart suggestions. It also provides a number of customization options which you can easily set from your profile (Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile).

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Easily Integrate Superb Vimeo Or YouTube Video Quality In WordPress Widget Position

Vimeo Master

Vimeo Master is a powerful and outstanding WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate superb Vimeo Video Sharing Network into your WordPress site. The plugin uses minimal html5 code (with no javascipt or Ajax) for fast page load times and gives a completely professional look. Great for professional video presentations for business, design, arts, etc. Looks great inside WordPress content like pages, posts and other custom post types with its shortcode framework implementation. Provides you full control over Auto-Play, Video Loop, Video Color and Video Size to match your template. Demo.

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Complete WordPress News Manager Plugin By dFactory

News Manager is the brand new WordPress plugin by dfactory.eu. It not only adds a news post type but provides you many other features and customization options. The plugin lets you publish, manage and display news, manage date archives, quick AJAX Calendar, Categories, Tags and much more.

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WordPress Mobile Previewer & Responsive Test Plugin

Wallmander&Co created an awesome new WordPress plugin that allow you to instantly check your website and all its pages in different screen resolutions like 320×480, 768×1024, 1024×768. You can instantly perform responsive test of your WordPress site and see how your website looks like in small screen devices like smartphones and tablets etc.

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Top 3 Great Ways Of Embedding Twitter Tweets In WordPress

Twitter already provides you inbuilt widget creation features. Other than this WordPress also provides you oEmbed for twitter, you can enable oEmbed in your WordPress site from Dashboard -> Settings -> Media page and then you can embed a tweet simply by pasting its URL inside your post or page content.

This article is on few other WordPress plugins that extends tweet embed features in WordPress and allows you to do some more good things with your tweets.

Tweet Blender

Tweet Blender is a popular WordPress plugin that provides you various Twitter Widgets like you can

  • Display your own tweets
  • Display tweets for hashtags
  • Display tweets for twitter lists
  • Display tweets relevant to your post content (like Huffingtonpost)

The plugin supports multiple authors, keywords and hashtags. With Tweet Blender you can display tweets from a single user or a list of users. Also you can display tweets from a certain topic, multiple hashtags or keywords, various lists, authors etc. There is a long list of this plugin features.

Screenshot showing Tweets archive page: [view more screenshots here]

Installation & Usage:

After activation specify your configuration settings from Dashboard -> Settings -> Tweet Blender admin page. You will be needing to authenticate to Twitter and allow read-only access to tweet stream (present under the Status tab).

The plugin provides you widgets you can use in your sidebar, shortcodes to use inside your posts/pages and templates to use inside your theme files.

Fetch Tweets

Fetch Tweets is another plugin for fetching and showing Twitter tweets. With this plugin you can display tweets by specifying username, search results, keywords, Lists and yes you can show up combined results by adding multiple rules.

For displaying the fetched tweets the plugin provides you Widget, Shortcode, PHP Code and Custom Templates.

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate the plugin then follow the given steps:

  1. After activation you can set a rule from Dashboard -> Fetch Tweets -> Add Rule by User Name or Add Rule by Keyword.
  2. For using its widgets visit Appearance -> Widgets and use Fetch Tweets by Rule Set. You can set the rule in the widget form itself.
  3. The plugin also provides you shortcode to use in your posts, pages. Use the shortcode
    [fetch_tweets id="123"]

    Replacing 123 with your rule ID. Rule ID can be found in the Fetch Tweets admin page in your dashboard.

Screenshot showing widget settings: [view more screenshots]

For more usage instruction refer to the Other Notes section here.

Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode)

As clear from its name, the plugin provides you widget and shortcodes for displaying Twitter Tweets. It is used for displaying one tweet at a time with rotation which means one tweets gets automatically and smoothly replaced by the other. Display is responsive and it shows up the recent tweets even if Twitter is down. Check out the plugin working here.

Installation & Usage:

After activation you can use its widget from Appearance -> Widgets page or you can display it via shortcode (inside your posts and pages etc) like:

[rotatingtweets screen_name='your_twitter']

The plugin allows you to decide how you want to show up tweets, you can set the number of tweets to display, you can include retweets and replies and even display a follow button if you like.

Checkout its its shortcode parameters here.

You can also set Tweets rotation speed and animation type to use in Tweet rotation.

How To Create A Twitter Application ?

Most of the above plugins uses Twitter Application, API so following are he instructions on how you can create your Twitter Application, it takes a few minutes:

  1. Visit My applications page on the Twitter website. Login with your Twitter username and password.
  2. If you don’t already have a suitable ‘application’ then create one from the Create an Application page. It’s normally best to use the name, description and website URL of the website where you plan to use Rotating Tweets. You don’t need a Callback URL if you are setting it up for the plugins discussed here.
  3. After clicking Create your Twitter application, click on Create my access token.
  4. Now copy the Consumer keyConsumer secretAccess token and Access token secret from your Twitter application page and use it wherever required.

How To Use Unique Custom Mouse Pointers In WordPress ?

You can easily activate a custom mouse pointer for the visitors who access your website in the frontend. Unique Cursor is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to select a custom mouse pointer.

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Easily Activate 500+ SVG Glyph Icons In WordPress

WordPress Icons – SVG was originally created by Evan Herman (a full time web developer based in Philadelphia, PA) for using it on his client website projects but soon he released its free version in WordPress Plugin Repository. The plugin is easy to use and provides you a set of web-fonts, and are extremely scale-able, device friendly and responsive icons. In just two mouse clicks you get an icon ready to be placed on to your WordPress site.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate WordPress Icons – SVG then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Dashboard -> WP SVG Icon plugin page
  2. Click the icon you would like to use
  3. A preview of the icon will show up
  4. Copy the generated code out from the ‘example’ box and use it.

You may paste the copied code anywhere you want the icon to appear like inside your posts, pages, text widgets and even in theme template files.

Beautiful & Customizable Flash Powered RSS Ticker For WordPress

7feeds ticker is a beautiful and highly customizable RSS ticker widget plugin for WordPress site owners. The widget allows you to display vertically scrolling external and internal RSS feeds (via URLs), you can display multiple feeds from different URLs, you an use various color themes, customizeble colors, fonts, titles, dimensions and other advanced scrolling options. It loads immediately and works smoothly.

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Now Edit Post In Preview Mode Using New WordPress Smart Editor

You already know about WordPress Visual editor and HTML editor, they all works in the back-end. Here we are discussing about new WP Smart Editor that works directly in Post Preview Mode which means you can directly edit, write and customize your post content from its preview page itself using this new post editor.

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How To Add Facebook Recommendations Bar In WordPress ?

WP Facebook Recommendations Bar is an easy to use plugin that lets you add the Facebook Recommendations Bar in your WordPress based site.

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